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  • University of Washington’s Digital Marketing Analysis Certification

    Digital marketing is tricky business. Bridging the gap between your customers and all the data out there is key. Access to helpful data is at our fingertips through digital analytics tools, but without the ability to translate data, all you’ve got are piles of numbers. There are two choices in tackling this challenge: take lots of educated guesses and spend lots of unnecessary time and money, or learn Google Analytics. Do yourself a favor and skip the guessing. Learn the tools that you’ll really need. The University of Washington pulled together a group of advisers to craft a course that gives ...

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  • Live Blog from the 2014 Google Analytics Summit

    Live Updates from the Google Analytics Summit 2014 in San Francisco The Google Analytics Summit is an annual event for Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics Premium customers.  This year we'll be live-blogging from the GA summit once again.  As with past summits, we'll provide real-time updates and announcements from what's shared - at least what's available for public sharing. Stay Tuned! Opening Announcements The ...

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  • Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Universal Analytics

    At this week's Google Analytics Summit 2014, Google announced its new Enhanced Ecommerce features for the Universal Analytics platform. Here are answers to some top questions about the feature. MORE ECOMMERCE RESOURCES:Download our solution brief PDF on Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce features.Or watch our 30-minute webinar on Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. Enhanced Ecommerce ...

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  • Meet the New Face of Analytics Pros

    Today is an exciting day for us at Analytics Pros. We have spent the last few months assessing who we are in an effort to remain focused in an increasingly complex industry (and world). Why are we so intent on finding great data? Why do we get up every day to ask questions and plan implementations? Why is it so hard for us to close our laptops and walk away from the potential insights that lay within the numbers? It’s simple. Because data helps us understand the increasingly digital world around us. Solving Human Problems

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  • The Magic of Big Data Is Not Magic At All

    I'm at the American Marketing Association's 2014 Analytics with Purpose conference in San Diego today. I'll be speaking this afternoon on understanding customer needs with digital analytics. This morning, I'm attending sessions, which started with the keynote by Mark Earls, author of I'll Have what She's Having: Mapping Social Behavior.  This was one of the better keynotes I've heard in a while. The premise: big data = magic. Magic! He started with a fantastic quote from Arthur C. Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." That blends together with something I ...

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  • Understanding the Limits of Google Analytics

    Google Analytics - it's arguably the world's most popular digital analytics tool.  And why wouldn't it be?  It's powerful, easier to use than most other tools, and available free of charge (for the Standard Edition - Premium GA is another story).  However, did you know that there is a Terms of Service limit on the free version?  If you didn't, you should, because you agree to be bound by those Terms of Service when signing up and continuing to use Google Analytics. Introducing HitCheck for Google Analytics

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  • More than Just Numbers, Data is the Story of Us

    Each new year causes me to stop and wonder what will come next. Looking back, 2013 was a great year for us. I had the chance to work on amazing projects with a great team for incredible clients. We hosted three BEST Practices conferences, each of which gave us the chance to connect with a room of smart, focused and excited digital analytics fanatics and outright data geeks (like us). In the last year we added a slew of new staff that I am honored to work with each day. And we topped it off by becoming the largest ...

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  • Google Tag Manager: like the Hyperloop for your Digital Marketing

    This is a recap post from the Google Analytics Summit 2013. Get the full details of the day on our Live Blog from Day 1 of the Summit and also don't miss the Official Google Analytics Blog. The Hyperloop Earlier this year Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and Tesla Motors and possibly public works genius unveiled a quite interested approach to high-speed mass transit: the Hyperloop.  Hop on ...

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  • Live Blog at the Google Analytics Summit 2013

      Welcome to the Analytics Pros live blog from the Google Analytics Summit 2013!  We'll be updating throughout the day as announcements are made. Quick Links:   9:00 am, Opening Keynote: Paul Muret, Google The Data-Driven Opportunity Paul’s grandparents grew up in ...

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  • That time of year again – Google Analytics Summit!

      It's autumn again, and that means it's time for the Google Analytics Summit.  For me and the team here at Analytics Pros, this means it is time for what has become an annual pilgrimage to Google HQ in Mountain View.  I've been coming here since 2005, when Google launched Google Analytics and the Google Analytics Certified Partner Program.  Back then, the first summit had only a ...

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