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  • Kintiskton LLC in Google Analytics – Friend or Foe?

    My website traffic jumped through the upper atmosphere in one day... why? A couple weeks ago my website traffic increased over 1400% in one day. I was initially thrilled when I saw the visits graph skyrocketing upward at an 89 ° angle but, I knew better than to celebrate before drilling into the data and finding the source of this unexpected traffic windfall. Investigating the Cause of the Increase in Visits Step 1: Distinguish between a Short-Term Event or Increase in Overall Exposure When investigating unexpected spikes in traffic I immediately go to the Main Traffic Sources Report. This report shows the percentage ...

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  • Secret Segments: Accessing Extra Dimensions in Google Analytics, part 1

    Did you know there are over 3 dozen additional "dimensions" to segment by in Google Analytics that are not listed on the standard "dimension" drop down? I'll share these "secret segments" in a series of postings over the next few weeks. Today, post 1, I'll cover extending cross-segmentation dimensions for e-commerce billing city, state, and countries, plus the affiliate dimension. Read on for the juicy details... The Background While writing a response on the new Google Analytics help forum to a question about e-commerce dimensions this ...

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