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  • How to Build a Beautiful Dashboard

    In the previous post, we established a bit of what goes into a solid dashboard. Now we'll talk about how to get there. First we start with discovery. Start with the end result that’s important to the consumer(s). Align on the Source Data of Your Dashboard Once you know what should be on the dashboard, now you need to understand content details. Sometimes this is an API, or a database or ...

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  • Creating a Dashboard: The Do’s and Don’ts

    (Photo credit: "Navigator" by Thomas Abbs under the Creative Commons License) I was recently on a business trip and listening to the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast (what a great title!) about “What is Dashboarding?” and had some thoughts.  I am doing lots of "dashboarding" myself, so the timing was great.   After listening to the podcast I thought it was important to first share the podcast and provide my ...

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  • Naming Conventions for Process Optimization

    Keeping Organized makes most processes easier (find a process that is easier when you are unorganized, it’s a challenge!). How do you establish naming conventions, when are they really important, and how does everyone stay in line with the established conventions.  These challenges often result in a lack of adoption all together. How do you establish naming conventions Establishing conventions is a key first step when you are working in group or on a long term project. The process for developing conventions for the first time can be as simple as starting a dictionary with explanations of the terms used, or as ...

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