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  • How to Use Cross Device Tracking in Google Analytics

    One of the newest features to be released for Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics this year is cross device tracking. As the name suggests, this tool dares to think differently about how users engage with you brand via desktop, mobile, tablet, non-traditional devices like Xbox and Google Glass, and even offline devices like a refrigerator. There’s very little you can’t track these days. How to Implement Cross Device Tracking It all starts with the user ID. By setting your own unique, persistent, and non-personally identifiable identifier, the Universal library is able to supersede the default Google Analytics client ID to be customizable ...

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  • How You Can Survive the Google (not provided) Keyword Blackout (Part 2 of 2)

    In his previous post, Mark McLaren provided a thorough overview of the (not provided) keyword blackout and his thoughts on how the SEO industry will survive. Today he reviews the key steps you should follow to survive yourself. How to Deal with (not provided) Strengthen your brand A solid, well-recognized brand is a huge advantage. It contributes in a big way to user experience, and it increases the odds that users will click on listings in search results – organic or paid. Google puts confidence ...

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  • Will Search Engine Optimization Survive the Google (not provided) Keyword Blackout? (Part 1 of 2)

    Mark McLaren is Senior Search Marketing Strategist at Analytics Pros. In this two-part series he unpacks the Google (not provided) keyword blackout and gives advice on how to keep your SEO efforts afloat. Search engine giant Google is now blocking 100% of the organic keyword ...

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