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  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Why Do My Google Analytics Profiles Have Different Data?

    Have you ever looked at the reports in two Google Analytics profiles, one "original" and one "filter" that should be reporting on the same data, only to find that the numbers are completely different? Frustrating, ain't it? In the video below, Caleb Whitmore, accompanied by his 5 o'clock shadow, explains how two profiles for the same website but with slightly different filters (in this case a hostname "include" filter), end up having very different data for the same pages on the same site.

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  • Creating a Data-Driven Culture: Getting Everyone to Move the Same Direction

    If you’re in the Seattle area, I will be giving a short presentation on data-driven culture tonight at Web Analytics Wednesday. Join us! Changing company culture is about as simple as getting my recently acquired backyard chickens back into their coop. It seems straightforward – why wouldn’t people want solid data? Yet, somehow a broken report, cross-domain problem or communication gap will easily unravel any progress you feel you are making. At our most recent BEST Practices conference in San Francisco I hosted a table to discuss this topic. The industries and job descriptions around the table were all different, ...

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