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  • Data by the Bay: GA Summit 2014

    This year’s GA Summit was full of exciting feature announcements, new faces, and old friends. We were thrilled to spend the week with many of our Premium clients, enjoying beautiful San Francisco, while also getting one-on-one time to focus on key takeaways for each client’s unique business needs. Summit Kickoff We welcomed our Premium clients with a Happy Hour at Jamber Wine Bar. Over beer and wine tastings, we got to catch up with clients and pass out swag embroidered with our new brand! It set the tone for a week ...

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  • The Truth in the Shadows

    Hello, my name is Tim, and I'm a recovering wall starer. No doubt you have heard the story of Plato’s Cave. The ancient allegory that depicts imprisoned men chained with their backs to a fire, unable to see anything but the shadows of reality that dance on the walls of the cave. You may recall that these captive minds lauded their peers who could name the shadowed distortions. In the darkness where all saw the same flame-licked forms on the wall, those who could not elevated those who deduced similarities in the patterns. But, the advancement of one over another through the ...

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