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  • The Eye of Bocce – Measuring Bocce Ball with Google Universal Analytics

    Digital analytics has changed. Drastically. No longer are we limited to measuring a website or mobile app - we can truly measure just about anything. To prove that point, today we are measuring the great game of Bocce Ball. That’s right, gleeful Opticon attendees will enjoy the favorite pastime of elderly Italian gentleman on a beautiful terrace overlooking San Francisco - and we will capture it all using Google Analytics. What’s even better is that you can follow along at where we have prepared a live gamecast ...

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  • Meet the New Face of Analytics Pros

    Today is an exciting day for us at Analytics Pros. We have spent the last few months assessing who we are in an effort to remain focused in an increasingly complex industry (and world). Why are we so intent on finding great data? Why do we get up every day to ask questions and plan implementations? Why is it so hard for us to close our laptops and walk away from the potential insights that lay within the numbers? It’s simple. Because data helps us understand the increasingly digital world around us. Solving Human Problems

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  • Universal Analytics is Now the Only Analytics

    Today, Google Analytics has finally announced that Universal Analytics is out of beta. The big news this brings along is that Universal Analytics now has full feature parity with Classic Analytics in terms of demographics and remarketing functionality. It also brings along the start of the rollout for cross device and user-centric reporting, which will be a UA-only feature. Most exciting for our Premium customers is that Google is now confident and committed in Universal Analytics functionality and is now supporting it under the Google Analytics Premium service-level agreements. We will be reaching out to all of ...

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  • What 90s Rap Can Teach Us About Analytics

    It’s Friday, and as various ‘90s rap songs continuously circle my brain, I’ve found that there are some universal truths about digital analytics disguised in the lyrics. Let’s take a journey back in time to these unknowingly forward-thinking rapper/analysts. Vanilla Ice How often have you found yourself knee-deep in the data and stuck in a myopic rut. Time to stop, collaborate and listen. What are you tracking and why? What other team members or departments should be involved? What data do they need? At Analytics Pros, our discovery sessions include stakeholders and anyone that requires data for their job. Why do we do ...

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  • The Truth in the Shadows

    Hello, my name is Tim, and I'm a recovering wall starer. No doubt you have heard the story of Plato’s Cave. The ancient allegory that depicts imprisoned men chained with their backs to a fire, unable to see anything but the shadows of reality that dance on the walls of the cave. You may recall that these captive minds lauded their peers who could name the shadowed distortions. In the darkness where all saw the same flame-licked forms on the wall, those who could not elevated those who deduced similarities in the patterns. But, the advancement of one over another through the ...

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  • Setting up Google Analytics Site Search with No Query Parameter

    Tracking Site Search with Google Analytics has never been easier. If your site has an on-site search component then these Site Search reports are one of the most important to have configured and captured correctly. These reports are incredibly valuable because they give us a window into why your visitors are on your site. When these are setup, you get a concise report of what a subset of your visitors are looking for and whether or not they are finding it. With Query Parameter Setting up these reports has always been painless if your site search keywords exist in the URL with ...

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  • The Magic of Big Data Is Not Magic At All

    I'm at the American Marketing Association's 2014 Analytics with Purpose conference in San Diego today. I'll be speaking this afternoon on understanding customer needs with digital analytics. This morning, I'm attending sessions, which started with the keynote by Mark Earls, author of I'll Have what She's Having: Mapping Social Behavior.  This was one of the better keynotes I've heard in a while. The premise: big data = magic. Magic! He started with a fantastic quote from Arthur C. Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." That blends together with something I ...

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  • Oh the analytics you could know . . .

    In honor of the late, great Dr. Seuss' birthday, an analytics-themed ditty: Oh! The analytics you could know Custom Dimensions and reports that will show Visits, visitors and bounce rate galore Conversion rates and multi-channel funnels So much data that you will need to build a tunnel to a Big Query And queries you will make And things you will ask And items you will task to your digital analytics expert who knows a lot about that. Tags that are firing, dashboards to be built ecommerce to be tracking, woven into a Big Data quilt The analytics expert has thoughts of his own Dreaming of SQL and Hadoop and on… He sorts through piles ...

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