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  • How to Extend Google Analytics with API (Part 2) + GTM API

    In part 1 of the series we've covered the basic structure of Google Analytics platform and discussed many possibilities that collection and configuration API have to offer. In part 2 we'll continue with the Google Analytics' Reporting APIs and as an extra  explore some of the capabilities of Google Tag Manager API. Accessing Processed Data with Reporting APIs Reporting API offers access to Google Analytics' processed data. Using this API you can dig deeper into and discover more data than by accessing the web interface. There are 5 APIs that relate to the ...

    Posted at March 4, 2015 | By : | Categories : Google Analytics, Universal Analytics
  • How To Prep for the Google Analytics IQ Exam, and a Bunch of GA How-tos: Analytics Roundup

    This week we're serving up a piping hot collection of Google-y Analytics how-to goodness. Need to get GA certified in a jiffy? There are some kind folks on the interwebs that have shared their Google Analytics IQ preparation process. Want to know how to use all the amazing features in GA that you missed, or seem too confusing? Read on. We found some great stuff this week.   Google Analytics Certification Study Guide – 2015 (V9SEO) "If you’ve been a casual GA user and haven’t taken the time to really dig into the new features of the platform (and let’s be honest, ...

    Posted at February 27, 2015 | By : | Categories : Analytics Roundup
  • How to Extend Google Analytics with API (Part 1)

    In this 2 part series I will introduce the range and possibilities of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager API. Taking advantage of these interfaces can have a big impact on your analytics processes (eliminate errors, speed up the process, helps with consistency) and provide additional information about what's happening in your analytics properties. Learning the API is time well spent, ...

    Posted at February 26, 2015 | By : | Categories : Google Analytics, Universal Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager, Mobile Advertising and Restructuring PPC Accounts: Analytics Roundup

    Here at Analytics pros, we're constantly unearthing the world wide webs for all things analytics. In case you missed it, here's a collection of helpful articles that caught our attention that you ought to check out.  Measuring Conversions: How to Display the Profitability of Mobile Advertising (The Drum) “A well-known phenomenon in mobile, and especially in-app, advertising is that regular analytics programs like Google Analytics do not measure conversions from apps...How can we still figure out the profitability of a campaign if we can’t measure these conversions directly?” Google Tag Manager Injector: Painless Tagging (Online-behavior) “This article provides a step-by-step guide to Tag Manager Injector (TMI), a ...

    Posted at February 20, 2015 | By : | Categories : Analytics Roundup
  • Limitations of Big Data, Analytics in Hiring, Google Penalties and SEO in One Chart: Analytics Roundup

    We're at it again with all the weekly info you need related to analytics, and we've even thrown in best practices for SEO and content marketing too. Just because we're thinking of you. Read on to get you weekly analytics round-up enlightenment.  7 Limitations of Big Data in Marketing Analytics (Marketing Land) “It is important for marketers and marketing analysts to understand that user-level data is not the end-all be-all of marketing: as with any type of data, it is suitable for some applications and analyses but unsuitable for others.” How Data Analytics Is Transforming the Hiring Process (Virgin) “In recent years, data both ‘big’ and ...

    Posted at February 13, 2015 | By : | Categories : Analytics Roundup
  • Google Analytics: Related Products Feature

    The Google Analytics Related Product feature is an extremely valuable set of dimensions and metrics that can highly benefit your product bundling, remarketing, email campaigns, product recommendation and more. The core of the feature is correlation score, a metric that sets a value of association between two products based on their transaction data. Correlation score takes values from 0 (lowest correlation) to 1 (highest correlation). One important thing to note is that  the metric is directed. That means that product B may be associated to product A differently than A is associated to B. Example: our clients buy ketchup in 80% of cases when they buy ...

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  • Google Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol Debugger

    Measurement Protocol is a low level protocol for Google Universal Analytics that allows developers to track user interactions using HTTP requests. At Analytics Pros, we have demonstrated the possibilities of using it in new environments by tracking the game of bocce ball and implementing Google Analytics into movement sensors to track the activities in our office. One of the keys of making sure that your implementation is correct is confirming that all the hits being sent are syntactically valid. This is now possible with the Measurement Protocol Debugger. Sending Hits and Using the Debugger Sending a hit is pretty straight-forward. We need to create an ...

    Posted at February 9, 2015 | By : | Categories : Universal Analytics
  • Geeks in HR, Value Villains Ruining Analytics, International SEO and Free Dashboards: Analytics Roundup

    Once again, the end of the week is upon us. Ah, so much data, so little time. But alas, we here at Analytics Pros have collected all the highlights of the week for all things analytics-ish.  The Geeks Arrive in HR: People Analytics Is Here (Forbes) “...there is a major shift taking place in the market for people analytics. After years of talking about the opportunity to apply data to people decisions, companies are now stepping up and making the investment. And more exciting than that, the serious math and data people are flocking to HR.” Are Value Villains Slowing Your ...

    Posted at February 6, 2015 | By : | Categories : Analytics Roundup
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