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  • Google Analytics IQ Accelerator Course

    Who doesn't love New York City in the fall? The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the GAIQ exams are guaranteed to be passed. Wait...what? You read that right! This November, join Analytics Pros Founder, Caleb Whitmore, in New York City for a full-day, in-person Google Analytics IA Accelerator Course. Caleb will lead attendees through the Google-provided, standardized training materials for the GAIQ exam while integrating and explaining the real ins-and-outs of what the training materials cover. Coffee and lunch provided! What Full-day, in-person GA IQ Accelerator Course hosted by Analytics Pros Founder, Caleb Whitmore When November 4, 2014, ...

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  • From GA I-Quit to GA IQ-Certified

    With sweaty palms and racing heart, I walked in to my first day on the job at Analytics Pros. As a self-proclaimed “non-techy” person, I’d done my homework on my new employer and understood the basics of what Google Analytics were and why we were Pros at analyzing digital data. Five minutes into my first day, I was told that I would be taking a lengthy test covering the big-picture principles of Digital Analytics. From the receptionist to the CEO, every employee at AP is asked to study for and receive GAIQ Certification so that company-wide we share a working knowledge ...

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  • Google Tag Manager Announces New UI & API

    One of my favorite Google products, Tag Manager, is getting an awesome facelift today. This is definitely the most significant update to the product since its launch two years ago. All of the same great features you've come to know and love are still there, but the User Interface is getting a major overhaul and, at long last, we'll have programmatic access with an API! A New Look and Better Usability Avid users of Google Analytics will see some clear themes repeated in the ...

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  • University of Washington’s Digital Marketing Analysis Certification

    Digital marketing is tricky business. Bridging the gap between your customers and all the data out there is key. Access to helpful data is at our fingertips through digital analytics tools, but without the ability to translate data, all you’ve got are piles of numbers. There are two choices in tackling this challenge: take lots of educated guesses and spend lots of unnecessary time and money, or learn Google Analytics. Do yourself a favor and skip the guessing. Learn the tools that you’ll really need. The University of Washington pulled together a group of advisers to craft a course that gives ...

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  • How to Use Cross Device Tracking in Google Analytics

    One of the newest features to be released for Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics this year is cross device tracking. As the name suggests, this tool dares to think differently about how users engage with you brand via desktop, mobile, tablet, non-traditional devices like Xbox and Google Glass, and even offline devices like a refrigerator. There’s very little you can’t track these days. How to Implement Cross Device Tracking It all starts with the user ID. By setting your own unique, persistent, and non-personally identifiable identifier, the Universal library is able to supersede the default Google Analytics client ID to be customizable ...

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  • From Me to You: I/O Conference 2014

    As Analytics Pros’ main mobile guy, I had the privilege of attending this year’s Google I/O Conference 2014. Google released many exciting new features for Android, so here’s what you need to know about Google Android’s latest features, and how you can use them to better understand your customers. Moving Forward with Apps In 2014, Google reported 35 billion dollars in revenue from app purchases, in-app purchases and subscriptions. It is interesting to note that 91% of app downloads are free. Users are less inclined to pay for apps, but will make in-app purchases ...

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  • Dear AP: An Advice Column With a GA Twist

    Dear AP, Three years ago I began what I thought would be a long-term relationship with my partner, Classic Analytics. We met on a Google search page, and from that first implementation, it was love at first sight (or should I say, site). Working through cross-domains and self-referrals, Classic stood by my side, and I felt that we were stronger for our QA and data validation sessions. A month ago, Classic told me that it would be going away. It won’t tell me when, just that I will need to move on to Universal. I heard all the usual lines, ‘It’s not ...

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  • Data by the Bay: GA Summit 2014

    This year’s GA Summit was full of exciting feature announcements, new faces, and old friends. We were thrilled to spend the week with many of our Premium clients, enjoying beautiful San Francisco, while also getting one-on-one time to focus on key takeaways for each client’s unique business needs. Summit Kickoff We welcomed our Premium clients with a Happy Hour at Jamber Wine Bar. Over beer and wine tastings, we got to catch up with clients and pass out swag embroidered with our new brand! It set the tone for a week ...

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