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  • Conversation Optimization, Safe Browsing and a GA Dictionary: Analytics Roundup

    A Google Analytics Dictionary, Conversion Optimization, and Safe Browsing. What else is there, really? We're back at it again with our weekly roundup scouring the internets so you don't have to.  Optimizely, Mixpanel, Omniture, GA: 3,000 Marketing Pros Reveal the Best Conversion Optimization Tools (Venture Beat) Conversion optimization is a massive, critical, and fast-growing part of marketing tech, according to anew VB Insight study of almost 3,000 marketing technologists. The most surprising part? Of the 36 conversion optimization tools and companies studied, only two failed to generate substantial return on investment. And of the 2,938 marketers we surveyed, only five percent did not ...

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  • New vs New Advanced Segmentation

    Those of us familiar with analytics understand the importance of segmenting our data for valuable insights. If you aren’t segmenting your data, you should be. Avinash Kaushik put it well when he said “Segment or die. It is as simple as that.” In this blog, we will look at providing a helpful way to analyze your users’ first visits to produce actionable insights. Through this segmentation, we will learn valuable information regarding user behaviors. Such as: the likelihood of a user to be loyal visitors later in their customer journey. New vs New? Google Analytics comes ...

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  • The Fed’s Data, Superweek Highlights and Eliminating Spam Referrals in GA: Analytics Roundup

    This last January, the meeting of the data analytics minds came together once again at the SuperWeek conference. Make sure to check out Simo Ahava's "Google Analytics Bag o' Tricks" in the video below. Also, updates on the US Government adopting transparency in data with a cool dashboard on the .gov site, and a bunch of other cool Google Analytics tips and tricks.  Happy Friday, and happy analytics.    Everything a Product Manager Needs to Know About Analytics (Mind the Product) “What exactly are analytics? Put simply, analytics measure the state of the product, what users are doing, what they ...

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  • How to Build a Beautiful Dashboard

    In the previous post, we established a bit of what goes into a solid dashboard. Now we'll talk about how to get there. First we start with discovery. Start with the end result that’s important to the consumer(s). Align on the Source Data of Your Dashboard Once you know what should be on the dashboard, now you need to understand content details. Sometimes this is an API, or a database or ...

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  • Content Performance in GA, Social Strategy and Dressgate: Analytics Roundup

    Dressgate. While the controversy over white and gold or blue and black may have split families in two, thankfully, Google Analytics Real Time Reporting came to the rescue. Without it, who knows what the dress' scarcity would have triggered. Rioting in the streets? Worldwide panic? We may never know. Thanks, Google Analytics. Crisis averted. Oh, and we've rounded up some other helpful GA tips too like how to improve your social strategy, and tips for measuring your content performance. Happy Friday and happy analytics! Dressgate: How Retailer Roman Originals Supported Massive Interest in #thedress with Cloud Computing ...

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  • Creating a Dashboard: The Do’s and Don’ts

    (Photo credit: "Navigator" by Thomas Abbs under the Creative Commons License) I was recently on a business trip and listening to the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast (what a great title!) about “What is Dashboarding?” and had some thoughts.  I am doing lots of "dashboarding" myself, so the timing was great.   After listening to the podcast I thought it was important to first share the podcast and provide my ...

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  • Google Analytics Hacks, Safe Browsing and a GTM API Guide: Analytics Roundup

    Hey GA nerds, we're back for your weekly dose of analytics awesomeness. This week we've got a few hacks, a GTM API Guide and a Google Analytics glossary in a pear tree.  3 Easy Hacks That Bring the Power of Google Analytics and Salesforce to Your Online Marketing (Entrepreneur) “Imagine what would happen if [Google Analytics and Salesforce] could work together. You’d get a clear image of the full end-to-end process, from the moment a person gets to your website to the moment that person decides to pay for your products or services, both the first time and as a repeat customer….we bring ...

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  • How to Extend Google Analytics with API (Part 2) + GTM API

    In part 1 of the series we've covered the basic structure of Google Analytics platform and discussed many possibilities that collection and configuration API have to offer. In part 2 we'll continue with the Google Analytics' Reporting APIs and as an extra  explore some of the capabilities of Google Tag Manager API. Accessing Processed Data with Reporting APIs Reporting API offers access to Google Analytics' processed data. Using this API you can dig deeper into and discover more data than by accessing the web interface. There are 5 APIs that relate to the ...

    Posted at March 4, 2015 | By : | Categories : Google Analytics, Universal Analytics
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