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  • Analytics Everywhere | The Universal Measurement Protocol C Library

    Well, we're at it again... releasing another Universal Analytics library, this time in C. [And if you're wondering why, check this out.] So let's see, what interesting things are built in C (or compatible derivatives)... Basically anything that needs to run really fast, or with really efficient (limited) resources, is probably written in a language that compiles in ...

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  • David Sheffield: The Numbers Guy

    What do you get when you combine a finance background, a pinch of Fortune 500 experience, a splash of real estate professionalism, a sprinkling of media buying/planning and a heavy dollop of LSU Tiger pride, all topped off with an authentic trucker hat and served alongside a tumbler of single malt scotch? That’d be David Sheffield, business director here at Analytics Pros and certified numbers geek with a notable resume about a mile long. The Back Story David credits the steady hand of fate – by way of ...

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  • Brandon Nicholas Nutter

    Brandon Nutter is one of those entrepreneurial types with giddy-up to spare. These days, he’s a software engineer around AP headquarters, but his professional rap sheet has a few impressive bullet points – including a successful little start-up of his very own. The Back Story After ditching his hometown of Los Angeles for university life in Idaho, Brandon got his foot in the software engineering door with an internship at

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  • Analytics Everywhere | The Really Big Picture

    Universal Analytics streamlines our way to a new horizon: measurement everywhere - where and when you engage your customer, when they engage your digital presence, brick-and-mortar presence, personnel and in every interaction thereafter. Literally, let's measure the entire customer lifecycle. With measurement comes optimization: you can optimize for customer retention, but only if you measure it. You can identify predictors of changing customer relationships, and proactively tune the relationship; you might even automate it. With measurement comes the ability to better serve your customer, followed by success and profit, if analyzed and optimized carefully. True e-commerce data Tracking transactions can happen offline now; you don't have ...

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  • How You Can Survive the Google (not provided) Keyword Blackout (Part 2 of 2)

    In his previous post, Mark McLaren provided a thorough overview of the (not provided) keyword blackout and his thoughts on how the SEO industry will survive. Today he reviews the key steps you should follow to survive yourself. How to Deal with (not provided) Strengthen your brand A solid, well-recognized brand is a huge advantage. It contributes in a big way to user experience, and it increases the odds that users will click on listings in search results – organic or paid. Google puts confidence ...

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  • Will Search Engine Optimization Survive the Google (not provided) Keyword Blackout? (Part 1 of 2)

    Mark McLaren is Senior Search Marketing Strategist at Analytics Pros. In this two-part series he unpacks the Google (not provided) keyword blackout and gives advice on how to keep your SEO efforts afloat. Search engine giant Google is now blocking 100% of the organic keyword ...

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  • Why I Am Excited About BEST Practices: Seattle

    BEST Practices: Seattle is 30 days away, and to put it in terms that fellow 80s children will understand, I’m pumped. We are putting the finishing touches on presentations, parties and plans and it is shaping up to be a truly inspiring event. A few things I am looking forward to: Demonstrations We are working hard to make sure that we have the perfect mix of strategic and tactical. The presentations will span between helping you dream about what is possible and then showing you how to start making it a reality. ...

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  • Justin Spencer: A Tale of Analytics Strategies and Home Brews

    Once upon a time, a young man took a break from his busy job as director of search activation and insight to peruse social media. As fate would have it, 140 characters stood out among the rest, a snappy job listing that would ignite a chain of events culminating with a home-brewed An-ale-ytics Pros GA IPA. This is the story of Justin Spencer, search and analytics strategist at Analytics Pros, and more importantly, a man patient enough to brew his own beer while simultaneously wrangling ...

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