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  • More on setDomainName, sub-domains, and internal referrals

    A recent forum discussion I was involved in raised a great question about just how Google Analytics goes about setting its traffic source cookie incorrectly when you have sub-domains and have followed the steps for tracking sub-domains properly in your page tags.  I wrote out a quick reply on the forum and decided it would be good fodder for the blog, so I've brought some of it over here for your reading enjoyment. The discussion I was involved in reference an article on the fantastic ROI Revolution blog about internal referrals in Google Analytics.  The point raised ...

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  • Advanced Segments with OR operators in Urchin 7

    A discussion recently came up between some Urchin Certified Partners around creating Advanced Segments that have "OR" operators and conditions. Most of us are familiar with the Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation tool that allows easy creation of "and/or" conditions. Urchin 7's new Advanced Segments tool isn't quite as "advanced" as GA and lacks that fancy UI, however I've found success in creating segments with OR conditions on the same field. Creating Single-field Advanced Segment with OR Operations Here is a quick screencast video of a simple Advanced Segment that identifies visits from the cities of Seattle OR Portland:

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  • Hands-on Google Analytics Training Workshop, Washington DC, October 7 – 8 2010

    It's that time of year again - eMetrics in Washington DC is right around the corner!  This year, as in previous years, I'll be leading a Google Analytics training series alongside the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.  However, this training will be a bit different, following a 2-day format with true workshop-style hands-on time, along with lots of take-home resources. Register at the eMetrics site.  Use code GADC10 for 20% off the Google Analytics Workshop and 10% ...

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  • First look screencast of Urchin 7’s new interface

    Get a first-look Video of the new Urchin 7 User Interface As we noted in our announcement about the launch of Urchin 7, the software boasts a completely new reporting interface in addition to a long list of back-end improvements.  This morning I've taken a few minutes to create a short screencast touring the new reporting interface. The screencast video is less than 5 minutes and runs through the user interface with highlights of new key features. What You'll See Get a first-look at: Roll-up ...

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  • Urchin 7 Now Available!

    Urchin 7 is Finally Here! A subtle change to the Urchin Software homepage this morning and addition of a new "features list" marks the release of Urchin 7, the next generation of Google's web analytics software product. The new version of Urchin includes a long list of enhancements including a completely new user interface, event tracking, custom advanced segments, 64bit support, roll-up dashboards, parallel profile processing, a new data export API, and much more. Get the complete details ...

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  • Monday Q&A: Tracking Email, Banners, and other Campaigns with Google Analytics

    This is the second installment in my new "Monday Q&A" series. The first Monday Q&A addressed getting the hostname (or domain) to appear in your Content reports within Google Analytics. This edition visits Campaign Tracking - something that probably isn't a new topic if you've been using GA for a while, but perhaps you're not a pro at this, or perhaps you're completely unfamiliar. Regardless, this article will enlighten you to the basics for campaign tracking. And bonus: get a free tool for quickly building dozens or hundreds of properly tracked campign URL's! The Question:

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  • Update on our Analytics Toolbar / Dimensionator

    This update refers to the Dimensionatortool on our Analytics Toolbar, which is currently not functioning properly within Google Analytics and provides a temporary workaround for the most popular set of extra dimensions: DMA. Known Issue with Dimensionator Currently Dimensionator is not working within Google Analytics. A recent change made by Google impacted how our code interacts with the Google Analytics interface code when you activate Dimensionator and select a dimension. We are working on a fix for this, but it is proving more difficult than anticipated. Stay tuned here or follow us on ...

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  • How to share an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics

    Just how do you share a Custom Advanced Segment in Google Analytics? The Advanced Segments feature of Google Analytics is one of, if not the, most powerful feature of Google Analytics today. Creating segments is an easy process that allows slicing and dicing your website traffic into segments that let you look beneath the surface of the average, non-segmented data. BUT, sharing these segments from one account to another is, honestly, harder than it should be.  So, I've made a short video to explain the process of sharing. How does segment sharing work? Contrary to what I think would be intuitive, segments ...

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