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  • Tracking the number of unique keywords by month

    A recent discussion with a client and between some Google Analytics Authorized Consultants I know inspired me to summarize a technique for tracking the number of unique keywords referring traffic to a site and analyzing the trends between keyword growth and traffic growth.  So, this short post describes just that and provides a Custom Report link and workin Excel pivot table sample to build your own reports from. Update (11/18/2010): I've made the Excel example and Custom Report in this post available for download here. Part 1: Custom Report for analyzing Traffic by Month This is the first part to ...

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  • Workshop: using the “Dimensionator” Bookmarklet

    On Friday, January 29th 2010 I hosted a free workshop reviewing tips for using our recently released Analytics Toolbar and the Dimensionator bookmarklet as well a general tips for utilizing the powerful dimension analysis capabilities of Google Analytics. This workshop was a must-attend for intermediate and advanced Google Analytics users who want to deepend their knowledgeg around using Google Analytics dimension analysis features and extend access to unlisted dimensions using our toolbar.  This was a workshop which was collaborative and discussion-oriented!

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  • Excluding Robots, Bots, Spiders & Crawlers from Logfile data with Urchin 6

    "60,000 out of 73,000 file fownloads were from bots" Web analytics based on web server log file data using Urchin 6 web analytics software provides some very useful points of information that Google Analytics and any other tag-based web analytics solution simply can't deliver.  However, one of the biggest challenges with logfile based analytics is pollution of the data by "bots" - search engines robots, crawlers, spiders, scapers, etc...  I've found that the data generated by non-human activity can easily account for 60% of the hits in your logfiles, and if you don't exclude it, your resulting reports built ...

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  • More Dimensions (Site Search, Source/Medium) + Fixes in Dimensionator

    I'm excited to announce some updates and additions for the Dimensionator feature of our Analytics Toolbar(let) application. Today we've released an update that adds several additional dimensions to the Dimensionator menu, a couople of bug fixes, and some back-end enhancements that should improve load times. Get the bookmarklet to access the Analytics Pros Toolbar and Dimensionator here! Read on for more information about these updates. New Dimensions Added We've added the following dimensions to the Dimensionator menu: Source/Medium Internal Site Search Visitor Internal Site Search Category Internal Site Search Keyword Internal Site Search Keyword Refinement The Site Search dimensions are available normally ...

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  • Tracking actual search rankings with Google Analytics

    Some time ago I came across a fabulous tip from Andre Scholten posted on Yoast about how to track the actual rankings on search engines for keywords you're receiving traffic from. That's right, let me say it again: track the actual position of your link on a Search Engine Result Page, as well as the traffic generated from that keyword. How does it work? Read the article for the full details, but the basics of it revolve around using advanced filters to extract the page of results. The resulting filter will reflect the keyword ...

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  • Tracking Sponsored Search Actual Keyword Search Terms for all engines using only 1 filter

    A couple years ago the folks at Omega Digital Media and GA Experts collaborated on a filter to combine the actual search term (say, "size 12 men's running shoes") with the bidded term (say, "mens running shoes").   I was replying to a post on the Google Analytics Help Forum last year and wanted to reference the filter settings, but couldn't find the original post, so I've decided to write my own.   Original credit for the idea goes to Jim Newsome at Omega.  Read on ...

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  • Access DMA, Affiliation, Second Page, Exit Page and More in Google Analytics

    Resistance is Futile in 2010 with Dimensionator I'm very excited to announce the release of a new Google Analytics enhancement tool by Analytics Pros I'm calling "Dimensionator." If you know your sci-fi you should already be upset that I've mised the Borg and Terminator in my post title - but hey, they both ...

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  • Understanding Google Analytics “cookie domain” settings

    What's all the fuss about Google Analytics cookies and "domains"? Whether you're a brand new user of Google Analytics or have a UA account number below 50,000. i.e. "UA-42442-1" - just a way to brag you've been using GA a looooong time :), understanding the cookies used by Google Analytics and the critical issues surrounding the domain to which those cookies are written and read is paramount to accuracy and reliability of your Google Analytics data.  The number one problem I consult with clients on solving relates to cookie domain issues.  It most commonly manifests in the form of "self-referrals", i.e. ...

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