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  • Understanding the Limits of Google Analytics

    Google Analytics - it's arguably the world's most popular digital analytics tool.  And why wouldn't it be?  It's powerful, easier to use than most other tools, and available free of charge (for the Standard Edition - Premium GA is another story).  However, did you know that there is a Terms of Service limit on the free version?  If you didn't, you should, because you agree to be bound by those Terms of Service when signing up and continuing to use Google Analytics. Introducing HitCheck for Google Analytics

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  • More than Just Numbers, Data is the Story of Us

    Each new year causes me to stop and wonder what will come next. Looking back, 2013 was a great year for us. I had the chance to work on amazing projects with a great team for incredible clients. We hosted three BEST Practices conferences, each of which gave us the chance to connect with a room of smart, focused and excited digital analytics fanatics and outright data geeks (like us). In the last year we added a slew of new staff that I am honored to work with each day. And we topped it off by becoming the largest ...

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  • Measuring Movement With Universal Analytics

    Universal Analytics is the new way to send Google Analytics. The beauty of Universal is that it can track user interactions from anywhere, including online and offline! As an analytics firm, we completely geek out when it comes to tracking new user interactions. One long standing question we had was: How much activity is there in our Seattle office during the day? This presented the challenge of accurately quantifying how many movement happened in our lobby on any given day. We wanted answers to several questions: When is foot traffic the highest? Was there foot traffic on the weekends? Why was foot ...

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  • Content Grouping: Intro to Google Analytics Newest Feature

    Finally, the day is upon us! A long awaited feature, Content Grouping, has at last rolled out to all Google Analytics accounts. The wait was well worth it as it supports a variety of ways to group content that could potentially save you significant time and resources, while still providing significant value to your analysis. Google Analytics has always been built on a foundation of capturing page URLs, which is the foundation of a lot of our analysis. One of the problems with this has been that the way that sites and URLs are structured may make perfect sense from ...

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  • The 12 Days of Data: 7 Tags A’Firing

    On the Seventh Day of Data my true love gave to me. . . Seven Tags A’Firing 6 Golden Goose Eggs 5 UTMs 4 Advanced Segments 3 French Fans (Viewed in GA Real Time) 2 Profile Settings And an Unsampled GA Data ...

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  • The 12 Days of Data: Six Golden Goose Eggs

    On the Sixth Day of Data, my true love gave to me... Six Golden Goose Eggs 5 UTM parameters 4 Advanced Segments 3 French Fans (Viewed in GA Real Time) 2 Profile Settings And an Unsampled GA Data Set By Goose Eggs, I actually mean Zeros.. more precisely: powers ...

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  • The 12 Days of Data: 5 UTMs!

    On the Fifth Day of Data my true love gave to me . . . 5 UTM’s! 4 Advanced Segments 3 French Fans (Viewed in GA Real Time) 2 Profile Settings And an Unsampled GA Data Set If you want to know how your marketing efforts influence conversion on your site you absolutely need to use ...

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  • The 12 Days of Data: 4 Advanced Segments

    On the Fourth day of Data my true love gave to me...4 Advanced Segments 3 French Fans (Viewed in GA Real Time) 2 Profile Settings And an Unsampled GA Data Set   My true love knows that if I want to keep my job as an Analyst, I need to be able to confidently find insights and come up with recommendations based on them. If all I do is click between standard reports to try to find these insights, ...

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