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Brandon Nicholas Nutter

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Brandon Nutter is one of those entrepreneurial types with giddy-up to spare. These days, he’s a software engineer around AP headquarters, but his professional rap sheet has a few impressive bullet points – including a successful little start-up of his very own.

The Back Story

After ditching his hometown of Los Angeles for university life in Idaho, Brandon got his foot in the software engineering door with an internship at Spokane Startup Weekend in May of 2012, and started itching for a new challenge. Brandon made the move to Seattle with his brother – his traveling partner in crime – and took a chance on the tech industry. Or as he puts it – “I wanted a new playground, basically.”

The Credentials

Somewhere near the monkey bars, Brandon proved he’s a forward-thinker with an aptitude for invention. He gets a kick out of showing others how data can be tweaked to provide unexpected value, and he takes pride in creating something new and useful from nothing. Ask him to describe his future, and he’ll tell you how cool it would be to be an ambassador or data evangelist in places where data is unknown or unused. Brandon is a programmer, but he has a keen understanding that it’s not all about programming all the time. “The direct interface with customers is what’s really important and key,” he says.

The Job Description

At the moment, this non-traditional software engineer is keen on applying measurement to non-traditional websites and the physical world beyond them. It’s why he loves Google’s Universal Analytics and the staggering possibilities that are just beginning to be realized. Brandon is one of the intrepid trailblazers leading the charge on measuring activity that’s not web related. “That’s a missing piece to the puzzle right now,” he says. “People are barely touching the value opportunities, and mobile is the wild, wild West. It’s crazy.”

Join Brandon for his BEST Practices Webinar: Universal Analytics & Applications (To Infinity and Beyond!)  on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST. Register here before space runs out.

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