David Sheffield: The Numbers Guy

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david headshot 2011 What do you get when you combine a finance background, a pinch of Fortune 500 experience, a splash of real estate professionalism, a sprinkling of media buying/planning and a heavy dollop of LSU Tiger pride, all topped off with an authentic trucker hat and served alongside a tumbler of single malt scotch? That’d be David Sheffield, business director here at Analytics Pros and certified numbers geek with a notable resume about a mile long.

The Back Story

David credits the steady hand of fate – by way of a job transfer to Seattle, a service at church, a chance encounter and subsequent gab session between his wife and the wife of AP founder and CEO Caleb Whitmore, and finally a job offer for his ultimate role as AP’s business director. While the wheel of fate turned, David read everything he could about Big Data and the digital analytics industry. The more he read, the more excited he became about the potential for real change – above and beyond impressive marketing ROI, something on a global scale – inherent to the business of analyzing endless mountains of data.

The Credentials

With his extensive experience spanning banking, finance, real estate and media buying/planning for companies big and bigger, David was eminently qualified for a director position. After completing his finance degree with an accounting minor at LSU, he kicked off his finance career with the Commercial Group at AmSouth Bank before moving successfully through a series of positions within the Energy and Commercial Real Estate Groups at Wells Fargo, including graduating top of his management class for the bank and then sidestepping into the Business and Real Estate Director Role at Mars Hill Church and finally a bit of work in media buying/planning. By then, he was ripe for something that would combine aspects of it all. And that’s when fate made its move.

This is THE bottle of scotch, Oban 14, David purchased on hearing the good news of his new position with Analytics Pros.

This is THE bottle of scotch, Oban 14, David purchased on hearing the good news of his new position with Analytics Pros.

The Job Description

Digital analytics have permanently changed the marketing game, and this heady combination of mathematics, business and technology is right up David’s alley. Happily for us here at AP and all of our clients, David is looking miles ahead. He sees the net value of all that data out there and the way it can ultimately be used to bring people and companies closer together. Even beyond that, David sees the potential for AP and others to help play a pivotal role in harnessing Big Data to do actual good for real people by making a legitimate impact on issues like poverty, illiteracy and basic human needs. Luckily, he’s in the right place at the right time to be part of that conversation, plan and execution. Call it fate, call it luck or call it providence – we know he’ll raise a scotch to that.


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