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Joshua Gebhardt, Bringing Strategy to the People

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Joshua Gebhardt landed in Seattle by way of Japan, Hawaii and some 31 countries in between. A technoholic with an analytical mind and a weakness for wakeboarding, backpacking and his lovely wife of one year, Joshua goes by the fancy title of Client Development Strategist here at Analytics Pros. And strategize he does.
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The Back Story

After bagging a biology degree, Joshua hit the construction circuit. He was hired by a construction company to manage a project being completed by ABC’s smash show, “Extreme Home Makeover” (and yes, he’s willing to sign autographs). The project started immediately, so he was immediately dumped into the deep end of the pool and quickly developed a keen understanding of project management and business development. He built up a consulting company of his own in the same industry, and then fate came a-knocking. After an introduction from a friend, Joshua had a serious interview with Analytics Pros founder and CEO Caleb Whitmore in the form of a thrilling game of Settlers of Catan pitting both men and their respective wives against one another. No one remembers who won, but it turns out Joshua’s innate ability to build relationships was a perfect fit in the tech world, and a small start-up with plenty of room for creativity was just the ticket. When the dust settled, Joshua was in.

The Credentials

Joshua moonlights as a worship director for his church, and he’s a real people person. “I like building relationships that cut across so many verticals of industries,” he says. “I like bringing real value and improving quality of life and work.” He also sees the significance of using technology as a means of connecting people, a trait right in line with AP’s method of madness.

The Job Description

A client development strategist is charged with looking at the big picture, asking the big questions and coming up with a plan of action that delivers meaningful data. It requires an inquisitive nature, a cool head, a sharp mind and an ability to remain calm when everyone else is freaking out. Frankly, it requires Joshua Gebhardt, the guy who gets a kick out of seeing things click in his clients’ eyes. The guy who thrives on the rapid pace inherent to the tech industry and who strives to make real change for good.

Joshua has big plans for Analytics Pros. His strategizing isn’t limited to clients, no sir. He wants to see AP heralded as one of the good guys, the truth-seekers, the best friend to countless other companies. And you know, we think he has a plan to get us there.


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