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Justin Spencer: A Tale of Analytics Strategies and Home Brews

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Justin SpencerOnce upon a time, a young man took a break from his busy job as director of search activation and insight to peruse social media. As fate would have it, 140 characters stood out among the rest, a snappy job listing that would ignite a chain of events culminating with a home-brewed An-ale-ytics Pros GA IPA.

This is the story of Justin Spencer, search and analytics strategist at Analytics Pros, and more importantly, a man patient enough to brew his own beer while simultaneously wrangling analytics and his three small children. Clearly, this is a man worth getting to know.


The Back Story

After bagging a marketing degree at Florida State University, Justin interned for The Zimmerman Agency, a Tallahassee agency at the forefront of search engine optimization and pay-per-click. His role there snowballed and six years later, he had climbed the ranks all the way to director of search activation and insight.

And then a little birdie chirped about an opening at Analytics Pros.

The timing couldn’t have been better – Justin was gunning to dive headlong into Google Analytics. He applied on the spot, with a special request for a Tallahassee-based position. Ten days, three phone interviews, one personality test and one physical challenge later, Justin was psyched to accept a remote position at AP.


The Credentials

Justin was early in to the analytics game at the agency and primed to take his understanding of Google Analytics to the next level. What’s more, he’s a self-proclaimed data geek – the kind of guy who gets his kicks measuring data, improving performance and teasing out insight that would otherwise be a mystery. Overachiever, right?


The Job Description

For Justin, the best part of being a search and analytics strategist is getting to solve a puzzle each and every day. He’s a problem-solver, and he spends a lot of time reviewing current analytics configuration to find holes or problems. He’s also a dab hand at assembling custom reports and dashboards that make stacks of data easy to understand. Justin considers it a privilege to work with the ever-growing client base at AP, and he thinks it’s cool that he’s the unofficial wiseguy of the office. Above all, as a lover of good beer, Justin is eternally grateful for his quarterly visits to Seattle and its many, many brewpubs. As for that An-ale-ytics Pros GA IPA, it’s still in the planning stages, but we’re willing to wait. We have a lot of faith in this guy.


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