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  • Two Key Takeaways from eMetrics & GAUGE San Francisco 2012

    First, let me say that the eMetrics and GAUGE conferences in San Francisco were incredible.  There were great keynotes, informative sessions, actionable round-table discussions and intriguing conversations with peers in the industry.  I would highly recommend anyone who analyzes data to attend eMetrics.  And if your job allows you to touch Google Analytics at any point, GAUGE will certainly teach you something new that you can bring back and improve performance and increase insights. That being said, I think there were two key takeaways from this past week: 1. Voice Of Customer (or VOC) is HUGE. 2. Methods in which you ...

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  • Web Analytics Planning Model for Google Analytics

    Over 6 years of working with companies to implement and use Google Analytics I've consistently seen the greatest threat to a successful implementation is a lack of robust planning.  This is the first post in what will become a series on how to build a successful strategy for adopting Google Analytics and what you need to consider when planning effective use of this great web analytics tool. My simple model starts with business goals, moves to understanding good ...

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