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  • Super Bowl Readiness: Seahawks vs Broncos

    This is a follow-up post to our prior analysis comparing the Seattle Seahawks' two Super Bowl teams--the 2005 and 2013 teams. If you didn’t have the opportunity to read it, we established three simple parameters to winning football games: The team with the higher QB Rating usually wins the game Defense Wins Championships You have to win either Offense or Defense + Special Teams to win the game In Super Bowl games, the team with the higher QB Rating has won 42 of 47 games (or 89.4%). The best defense has won 29 ...

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  • Super Bowl Readiness: 2005 vs 2013 Seahawks

    Some of us at Analytics Pros have gotten swept up in the fanfare of this year’s Super Bowl. This is only the second time that Seattle has played in the NFL classic—the other time was in 2005. With that in mind, we thought it would be fitting to do a bit of statistical analysis. One question that just won’t seem to go away this week: which is the better team, the Seattle Seahawks of 2013 or 2005? Having grown up in SEC territory with an affinity for southern fried football, I thought I’d pull from years of coach-speak in order to ...

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  • The 12 Days of Data: Six Golden Goose Eggs

    On the Sixth Day of Data, my true love gave to me... Six Golden Goose Eggs 5 UTM parameters 4 Advanced Segments 3 French Fans (Viewed in GA Real Time) 2 Profile Settings And an Unsampled GA Data Set By Goose Eggs, I actually mean Zeros.. more precisely: powers ...

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  • Brandon Nicholas Nutter

    Brandon Nutter is one of those entrepreneurial types with giddy-up to spare. These days, he’s a software engineer around AP headquarters, but his professional rap sheet has a few impressive bullet points – including a successful little start-up of his very own. The Back Story After ditching his hometown of Los Angeles for university life in Idaho, Brandon got his foot in the software engineering door with an internship at

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  • Justin Spencer: A Tale of Analytics Strategies and Home Brews

    Once upon a time, a young man took a break from his busy job as director of search activation and insight to peruse social media. As fate would have it, 140 characters stood out among the rest, a snappy job listing that would ignite a chain of events culminating with a home-brewed An-ale-ytics Pros GA IPA. This is the story of Justin Spencer, search and analytics strategist at Analytics Pros, and more importantly, a man patient enough to brew his own beer while simultaneously wrangling ...

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  • Joshua Gebhardt, Bringing Strategy to the People

    Joshua Gebhardt landed in Seattle by way of Japan, Hawaii and some 31 countries in between. A technoholic with an analytical mind and a weakness for wakeboarding, backpacking and his lovely wife of one year, Joshua goes by the fancy title of Client Development Strategist here at Analytics Pros. And strategize he does. The Back Story After bagging a biology degree, Joshua hit the construction circuit. He was hired by a construction company to manage a project being completed by ABC’s smash show, “Extreme Home ...

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  • Live Blog at the Google Analytics Summit 2013

      Welcome to the Analytics Pros live blog from the Google Analytics Summit 2013!  We'll be updating throughout the day as announcements are made. Quick Links:   9:00 am, Opening Keynote: Paul Muret, Google The Data-Driven Opportunity Paul’s grandparents grew up in ...

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  • Marketing Lessons From the Big Easy

    It was fun to be back in the great state of Louisiana and the Big Easy. While trips to Café du Monde for beignets or the piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s are worthy destinations, we were in town for the American Marketing Association’s National Conference. The emphasis at this year’s National Conference was on growing your brand and better leveraging big data. There was a good mixture of grand vision casting, as well as pragmatic sessions leaving attendees with tangible steps that could be implemented immediately. I ...

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  • A Process Development Approach to A/B and Multivariate Testing

    When I think about what we do here at Analytics Pros, narrowing the distance between our clients and their customers, I get especially excited by the topic of A/B and Multivariate testing. Why? A robust testing program closes the loop between site design and user experience, allowing us to gain insight into the gears that are turning within the user's mind as they find their way to a conversion. A well-measured website is a massive source of information about real people doing real things while they interact with some awesome brands. Testing provides a uniquely powerful platform for gaining ...

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  • For Profit is the New Non-Profit

    Today I had the the privilege to attend SXSW V2V in Las Vegas.  I was invited to sit as a mentor during one of the V2V mentoring sessions and I met some really great people with exciting business pursuits that are both traditional for-profit startups and also non-profit ones.  The kicker, though was the afternoon keynote by Lauren Bush Lauren about her company FEED.  The company is an LLC that gives away most of its profits while ...

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