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  • Monday Q & A: showing your site’s domain name in content reports

    This is the first of what I hope to make a regular series on Monday mornings: Q&A. Send in your questions throughout the week, and I'll pick one to answer on Monday and get your week off to a great start! This first question came in over the weekend and relates to a topics that has certainly been written about before, however I thought I'd write my own response to this question rather than simply referring out to a help article on Google or other blogs so I can introduce in a bit of my own experience on ...

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  • Access Custom Variables as Dimensions on any report

    Get Custom Variables in any Report via Dimensionator The advent of Custom Variables in Google Analytics is a big step forward for the platform. Custom Variables afford a new level of capability and flexibility for Google Analytics. The best way I know of to explain this capability is that Custom Variables are a means of creating "meta data" ...

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  • Google Analytics Training in San Jose + Save 15% at eMetrics!

    On May 3rd I'll be leading a Google Analytics training workshop at the 2010 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in San Jose. Like last year's San Jose training this will be an action-packed, full day of Google Analytics excitement.  I'll be covering Google Analytics from end-to-end, including implementation planning, interface features (things you may not know about!), and advanced analysis tools.  I'll also work in more time for Q&A, and if you bring your laptop, follow along in your GA account as I teach.  As always, over lunch and breaks I'm available for 1:1 Q&A with ...

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  • How reliable is your Google Analytics data?

    "Is my Google Analytics data accurate and reliable?" That's a question I hear almost daily.  And what I've found may be surprising, or perhaps may not be... most Google Analytics profiles have problems with reliability.  Why?  It isn't because of an inherent problem with Google Analytics, but rather a problem with how it has been implemented on the site in question.  The most common mistake for implementing Google Analytics is failing to configure the tracking tags for your particular site.  This is a pervasive problem because it's really easy to get started with Google Analytics using the basic tags handed to ...

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  • What the “opt-out” option means for Google Analytics

    This morning I noticed a short post on the Google Analytics blog quietly announcing a forthcoming (i.e., yet to be released - this IS still Google right, and they're talking about something not yet released??) way for users to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics.  The feature will be a "global browser based plug-in to allow users to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics".  What does this mean for the future of Google Analytics? What Does this Opt-Out Feature Mean for Google Analytics Users? First of all, I commend Google on pursuing privacy protection for users ...

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  • Day of Week Analysis with Google Analytics + More Date Dimensions

    Have a Date with Google Analytics I'm really excited to announce the third update to Dimensionator, the first compoment of our Analytics Toolbar platform. As promised in previous Dimensionator updates, we've been working to add access to more unlisted and normally inaccessible dimensions. This latest update makes some of my favorite secret dimensions accessible anywhere in Google Analytics: day of week, hour of the day, date and five more date/time dimensions. If you aren't already using Dimensionator, day of week is a must-have reason to add the bookmarklet now!

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  • Google Analytics Training at Toronto eMetrics, April 6th – 7th 2010

    On April 6th and 7th I'll be leading a Google Analytics training workshop at the 2010 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Toronto.  I'm excited about this training series because it is a two-day event rather than the typical one-day Google Analytics training days I've done in conjunction with other eMetrics events.  Two days affords time to get more in-depth  on both beginning/intermediate as well intermediate/advanced topics.  Bonus for you: use the code "CALEB15" when registering for eMetrics Toronto and get a 15% discount! Day 1 will focus on introductory and basic analysis topics including: planning your ...

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  • Tracking the number of unique keywords by month

    A recent discussion with a client and between some Google Analytics Authorized Consultants I know inspired me to summarize a technique for tracking the number of unique keywords referring traffic to a site and analyzing the trends between keyword growth and traffic growth.  So, this short post describes just that and provides a Custom Report link and workin Excel pivot table sample to build your own reports from. Update (11/18/2010): I've made the Excel example and Custom Report in this post available for download here. Part 1: Custom Report for analyzing Traffic by Month This is the first part to ...

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  • Workshop: using the “Dimensionator” Bookmarklet

    On Friday, January 29th 2010 I hosted a free workshop reviewing tips for using our recently released Analytics Toolbar and the Dimensionator bookmarklet as well a general tips for utilizing the powerful dimension analysis capabilities of Google Analytics. This workshop was a must-attend for intermediate and advanced Google Analytics users who want to deepend their knowledgeg around using Google Analytics dimension analysis features and extend access to unlisted dimensions using our toolbar.  This was a workshop which was collaborative and discussion-oriented!

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  • More Dimensions (Site Search, Source/Medium) + Fixes in Dimensionator

    I'm excited to announce some updates and additions for the Dimensionator feature of our Analytics Toolbar(let) application. Today we've released an update that adds several additional dimensions to the Dimensionator menu, a couople of bug fixes, and some back-end enhancements that should improve load times. Get the bookmarklet to access the Analytics Pros Toolbar and Dimensionator here! Read on for more information about these updates. New Dimensions Added We've added the following dimensions to the Dimensionator menu: Source/Medium Internal Site Search Visitor Internal Site Search Category Internal Site Search Keyword Internal Site Search Keyword Refinement The Site Search dimensions are available normally ...

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