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  • Easier Cross Device Tracking, Track iOS App Install Campaigns, and the Google Analytics Guide of Epic Proportions: Analytics Roundup

    Holiday prep madness got you down? No time to keep up on all things analytics? Not to worry, we did it for you. Sit back, relax, sip some nog and check out a few of the articles we found helpful earlier this week.  How Google Analytics Can Make Cross Device Marketing Easier (CMS Wire) “Laptops with Wi-Fi access have supplanted desktops in sales popularity, while mobile devices are as essential now as a wallet or purse. Consumers can access retailer information anywhere and anytime.”   7 Reasons Why Social Media Analytics Suck (Business 2 Community) “Just a few years ago, businesses stumbled in the ...

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  • Google Analytics Tutorial: Why Your Custom Variables Aren’t Showing Up Anymore

    Ever wonder why your custom variables aren't working anymore? The easy answer is Universal Analytics happened. Now what?  Replace Custom Variable with Custom Dimensions When Google released Universal Analytics, Custom Dimensions replaced Custom Variables. Custom Dimensions are similar but are setup slightly different. The good thing is it provides more flexibility (Google also added Custom Metrics, but that is for another day). All you need to do is to replace your Custom Variables with new Custom Dimensions. First, you'll want to start by documenting all current custom variable names and scopes you're using. Next, go into your Google Analytics Account to begin configuring your ...

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  • Data with a Soul: 3 Surprising Things I Learned about Analytics from a Best Selling Empathy Researcher

    I was reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly recently and was struck by this quote: “Connection is what we are made for.” I've found that Brene Brown gets right to the heart of our purpose as humans. I love meaningful conversations with loved ones and friends. Sharing honest, personal, poignant and vulnerable stories about our struggles gives others a clearer picture of who we are, what we’ve been through, and the solutions in life we seek. In her popular Tedx talk on her clinical vulnerability research, she said “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”

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  • Google Analytics Free vs Premium: And 3 Reasons Why and When You Shouldn’t Push Your Luck

    Let’s say that last Christmas time, you got yourself a free version of Google Analytics (free GA, the Christmas Miracle!) Since then, you’ve been rocking that data and begun to optimize your business with all the golden information at your fingertips. Thanks to your tech wizardry, fat data is rolling in and business is booming.  Your next step? Take a breath and make the jump to the Premium Edition of Google Analytics. Phew. That’s a big commitment and will require a persuasive meeting with the boss. Remember now. Santa (Google) is watching, and he (they) know who's been naughty, and who's been ...

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  • Analytics Update: Sports Analytics, Mobile App Retention and Google Analytics Social Media ROI

    Here at Analytics Pros we're up day and night (not exactly) scouring the interwebs for all the Analytics goodness we can find. Here's some helpful stuff we've come across lately that we wanted to share.    Sports Analytics: Utah Jazz Embrace Analytics as Means for Progress "After a preseason game earlier this year, Quin Snyder praised one his players and, in doing so, offered a glimpse into how the new Utah Jazz coach thinks about the game. Forward Trevor Booker had earned plaudits for charging at an open shooter, running him off the 3-point line. "There’s a 7-percent differential when you contest shots versus open ...

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  • 6 Google Analytics Reports (and 1 SDK Update) to Be Thankful for

    As we gear up for a nice, long holiday weekend here at Analytics Pros, we can't help but think about how thankful we are. We've got a talented, growing team and great customers that enable us to keep the lights and the heat on. Light and heat keeper-oners, we appreciate you. We're thankful for you. And we're thankful for Google Analytics because we have the privilege of seeing every day how GA tools help our customers achieve their goals. One of the many great features of GA is the ability to see complicated data in simple to read reports. In the spirit of thankfulness, 6 of our ...

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  • Hey Analytics Geeks and Marketers: are You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

    From sea to shining sea, Black Friday through Cyber Monday are when holiday shoppers look for deals and drop those bills. That means you’ve got to get those campaigns dialed. It's time to collect that valuable data, and you need to get your paid per click campaigns in order. Are you ready? Here are some helpful articles we’ve found that will help you stay on top of the ball. It’s a little late in the game to ensure your analytics are buttoned up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on your ecommerce site, but you’ve still got time. If you’re a newbie to ...

  • Analytics Roundup: Evel Knievel’s Burning Water Skiis-Data, a Very Omni-Channel Christmas, Chainsaw Sales and Getting Labeled Mobile-Friendly

    Here at Analytics Pros, we’re constantly scouring the interwebs for all things analytics. In case you missed it, here’s a collection of helpful articles that caught our attention.   Retailers Will Win Holidays with Omnichannel “Now, more than two-thirds of shoppers can be considered omnichannel consumers, according to PwC's holiday shopping forecast... These shoppers research products and make purchases using a combination of technology, online platforms and physical stores. "It's very clear to us that retailers that are leading in the e-commerce space are starting to win a bigger share of the consumer wallet," says Steve Barr, U.S. retail and consumer practice ...

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  • Google Analytics IQ Accelerator Course

    Who doesn't love New York City in the fall? The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the GAIQ exams are guaranteed to be passed. Wait...what? You read that right! This November, join Analytics Pros Founder, Caleb Whitmore, in New York City for a full-day, in-person Google Analytics IA Accelerator Course. Caleb will lead attendees through the Google-provided, standardized training materials for the GAIQ exam while integrating and explaining the real ins-and-outs of what the training materials cover. Coffee and lunch provided! What Full-day, in-person GA IQ Accelerator Course hosted by Analytics Pros Founder, Caleb Whitmore When November 4, 2014, ...

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  • From GA I-Quit to GA IQ-Certified

    With sweaty palms and racing heart, I walked in to my first day on the job at Analytics Pros. As a self-proclaimed “non-techy” person, I’d done my homework on my new employer and understood the basics of what Google Analytics were and why we were Pros at analyzing digital data. Five minutes into my first day, I was told that I would be taking a lengthy test covering the big-picture principles of Digital Analytics. From the receptionist to the CEO, every employee at AP is asked to study for and receive GAIQ Certification so that company-wide we share a working knowledge ...

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