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  • Analytics Everywhere | The Really Big Picture

    Universal Analytics streamlines our way to a new horizon: measurement everywhere - where and when you engage your customer, when they engage your digital presence, brick-and-mortar presence, personnel and in every interaction thereafter. Literally, let's measure the entire customer lifecycle. With measurement comes optimization: you can optimize for customer retention, but only if you measure it. You can identify predictors of changing customer relationships, and proactively tune the relationship; you might even automate it. With measurement comes the ability to better serve your customer, followed by success and profit, if analyzed and optimized carefully. True e-commerce data Tracking transactions can happen offline now; you don't have ...

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  • Analytics Everywhere: Universal Analytics Library for PHP

    A couple weeks ago we released our Universal Analytics library for Python, and today we've released a PHP port of the same library. This opens a huge range of tracking options on some of the most popular (and even the least popular) content and publishing frameworks in the world. (If you didn't know already, PHP remains immensely popular.) If you have a web presence, there's a really good chance you're already using PHP. So what might you want to measure? Your whole ...

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  • Live Blog at the Google Analytics Summit 2013

      Welcome to the Analytics Pros live blog from the Google Analytics Summit 2013!  We'll be updating throughout the day as announcements are made. Quick Links:   9:00 am, Opening Keynote: Paul Muret, Google The Data-Driven Opportunity Paul’s grandparents grew up in ...

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  • That time of year again – Google Analytics Summit!

      It's autumn again, and that means it's time for the Google Analytics Summit.  For me and the team here at Analytics Pros, this means it is time for what has become an annual pilgrimage to Google HQ in Mountain View.  I've been coming here since 2005, when Google launched Google Analytics and the Google Analytics Certified Partner Program.  Back then, the first summit had only a ...

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  • Analytics Everywhere: an Open-Source Google Analytics Python Library

    You may have heard about the wonderful things we (and Google) anticipate with Universal Analytics. You may have heard that people are testing it on their websites already, or relying on it exclusively. You may be doing so already. Today, however,  you're one step closer to tracking your customer engagement in completely new and more comprehensive ways. Extend your Business' Engagement Horizon The possibilities and benefits for Universal Analytics are vast.  A few of the applications for organizations fully adopting the potential uses of Universal Analytics include: Integration with call-center systems, enabling reporting of customer ...

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  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Why Do My Google Analytics Profiles Have Different Data?

    Have you ever looked at the reports in two Google Analytics profiles, one "original" and one "filter" that should be reporting on the same data, only to find that the numbers are completely different? Frustrating, ain't it? In the video below, Caleb Whitmore, accompanied by his 5 o'clock shadow, explains how two profiles for the same website but with slightly different filters (in this case a hostname "include" filter), end up having very different data for the same pages on the same site.

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  • Is your site ready for Google’s new mobile optimization requirements?

    For those that missed the recent announcement, Google is updating their search algorithm to favor sites that provide a rich mobile experience. Meaning that if your site suffers from some common mobile ailments, you’ll need to make some changes or suffer the ranking consequences. There are some specific points made on the page, but do you know if this applies to you or not? Here are some custom reports built specifically to answer the issues this update spotlights. To install these reports, simply click the appropriate link, select the profiles you want to install it on ...

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  • From The Forum: Why Is My Time On Site Spiking?

    Our team often cruises the Google Analytics Support Forums to answer the burning questions of GA users far and wide. Our From the Forum posts highlight some of those questions and answers in an effort to continually spread BEST Practices. Have a burning question? Add it to the comments below and we will get you an answer. Question Our company recently launched a website redesign with integrated ecommerce. Post launch, the Average Time on Site increased by around 1.5 minutes, while the Pages per Visit dropped by half. What is happening? Answer This is certainly an interesting change in your ...

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  • Adding Clarity to Day Of Week Reports

    If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’d like to let my inner-analytics-geek out for some fresh air. And I think this is the appropriate forum for it. If you look at your weekly Google Analytics traffic, you’ll see something like this: To pinpoint a specific day, you will have to know which week and then mouse over until you can find Monday, Tuesday, etc. It helps to know that a Google Analytics week ALWAYS starts on a Sunday, although that can be an issue internationally where calendar weeks start on ...

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  • Google Analytics Goes Big with GA Premium + BigQuery

    Today is a big day.  I bought a house and one of the most exciting things yet for Google Analytics was announced! This afternoon (May 16th) at Google I/O, Google Analytics announced plans for a direct integration between Google Analytics Premium and Google BigQuery.  This powerful integration will enable users of the Premium edition of GA to gain a deep view into huge sets of unsampled digital analytics data. I am extremely excited about this because it finally unlocks the immense volumes of marketing and behavioral data within Google Analytics for deep exploration and analysis.  I've written before about some ...

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