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  • Day 1 Recap from GAUGE Boston 2012, the Google Analytics User Conference

    The first day of GAUGE Boston, the Google Analytics User Conference, wrapped up with the first ever GAUGE Hacknight & Application Showcase.  From a packed agenda of learning sessions to an inspiring keynote from Onswipe CEO Jason L. Baptiste, to the reception and hacknight competition, it was a fast-paced info-packed day! Highlights included: GAUGE Hacknight ...

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  • Where should you put your Google Analytics tag?

    The big question: where should you put the Google Analytics tag in your page code?   It used to be (now, years ago - as in before 2009!) that Google recommended placing the tag in the bottom of the <body>, right before the </body> tag.  So, for years, many people have done just that.  Why?  To protect the site from Google Analytics slowing it down or, if Google's network of servers were somehow totally inaccessible (and your website's server still able to be reached by some miracle), breaking the site entirely.  However, the "async" code version launched in 2009 is recommended ...

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  • Understanding Changes to Average Time on Site After a Redesign Launches

    I often post to the official Google Analytics User Forum - this post is an expanded response to a question I answered on the forum. Question Posed: "I've recently launched a big redesign on an ecommerce site. After that, the Avgerage Time on Site increased by around 1.5 minutes, and the Pages/Visit dropped by half. Now I could explain the Pages/Visit to making the site's structure easier and faster, now the customer finds the product he wants with less clicks. But then why is the Average Time on Site increased? The combination of these two statistics is what makes me think that ...

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  • 3 Reasons to Register for GAUGE Today!

    Ready for some great news to help lead you into the weekend? Early Bird Savings for GAUGE! If you register today, you can still receive these fantastic savings leading up GAUGE Boston (Google Analytics Users' Great Event). Why should you register? 

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  • Google Analytics Premium + Fusion Tables = Awesome Data

    It's Saturday afternoon, and what better to be doing than enjoying a mocha, watching by littlest kid so my wife can take a nap, and... geeking out on Google Analytics! So, here's what I've come up with - a really nifty chart visualizing the relationship between dimensions and various metrics of interest.   How I Did It The process was "fairly" simple.  I'm using a ...

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  • Google Analytics Debugging

    Let's face it: Google Analytics' documentation contains a lot of examples that work very well for simple use-cases, but advanced configurations require planning and attention to detail, and copying-and-pasting sometimes introduces problems that can affect data accuracy. Historically, the biggest problems we find stem from configuring multiple trackers - often because some third-party script (for user surveys, etc.) is trying to track their usage, but their trackers conflict with your own. Tracker conflicts almost always relate to their handling of cookies, which domains their being written to, and what value is used for the domain hash prefix. Recent changes to GA ...

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  • Crowdsourcing Custom Reports

    The digital analytics industry is excellent at sharing information for the betterment of the community.  This is often done through conferences, blogs, document integration, API hacks and more.  If there are new ways to gather information, we share it. Within this industry, Google Analytics has proven effective at providing powerful data to any user.  One drawback with the ease and mass appeal is that reports are often relegated to the lowest common denominator.  This is often enough for most users, but for the typical analyst or power-user, teasing out important data takes a few tricks.  Power-users will create Custom Reports to ...

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  • Dimensionator is Dead, but DMA lives in the New GA

    Geographic analysis in Google Analytics is one of the most useful features.  However, reporting based on "city" can be very misleading because it is too narrow.  Likewise, reporting by "region" (State, in the US) is too broad.  Google Analytics lacks Zip Code resolution, so what's left?  It would be great if Google Analytics reported by DMA's (designated marketing area) - the geographic definition of media markets in the United States that have been used almost universally by marketers for decades. A few years ago now I wrote ...

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  • Quick Resources on Goals in Google Analytics

    I get a lot of questions about Goals in Google Analytics and find myself sending basically the same email to people on a regular basis, providing links to some useful resources on setting up and using Goals in Google Analytics.  So, what better that to save some electrons and put that email into a blog post here. While I could literally write a book about Goals in Google Analytics (actually, I did just that), for the sake of brevity in this post I'm going to point you to some greta learning resources for Goals, and Google Analytics in general... here you ...

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  • Two Key Takeaways from eMetrics & GAUGE San Francisco 2012

    First, let me say that the eMetrics and GAUGE conferences in San Francisco were incredible.  There were great keynotes, informative sessions, actionable round-table discussions and intriguing conversations with peers in the industry.  I would highly recommend anyone who analyzes data to attend eMetrics.  And if your job allows you to touch Google Analytics at any point, GAUGE will certainly teach you something new that you can bring back and improve performance and increase insights. That being said, I think there were two key takeaways from this past week: 1. Voice Of Customer (or VOC) is HUGE. 2. Methods in which you ...

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