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  • Flow Visualizations in GA: Bringing Sexy back to Web Analytics

    Google Analytics is an amazing platform - and the new version has been piling on the sexy features - new interface, word clouds, multi-channel funnels, real-time, premium, and now this... goal flow visualizations. If you've used Google Analytics' features for Goals and Funnels, or for Navigational Analysis, you've probably been left asking lots of questions about how people come to your site and move through it.  Historically, GA has been pretty poor at doing this.  Navigational Analysis reports only show previous/next page paths, Goal Funnels show ...

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  • Introducing Google Analytics Premium

    Nearly 6 years ago, Google changed the world of Web Analytics and Online Marketing with the release of Google Analytics - free.  This move began what I see as a revolution and evolution in web analytics by making advanced web analytics tools available to anyone - simply put, making "democratization" of data a reality.  No longer was having data and analysis tools limited to the "elite" marketers at big companies with big budgets - anyone could have great data and do analysis. Well, today, everything has changed, again. Why change a good thing? I've been doing Google Analytics consulting since the product was ...

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  • 37 Google Analytics Training Events You Didn’t Know About

    Google Analytics User Conferences Do you want to meet other GA users?  Learn from top GA experts?  Talk with the engineers and product managers of Google Analytics?  Other vendors have user conferences - so why not Google Analytics?  Well, there are!  While pretty new (only a handful have taken place so far around the world), these events are sure to grow in frequency.  Here's a short-list of upcoming Google Analytics User Conferences around the world. GAUGE - the Google Analytics Users' Great Event, New York City, October 17th - 18th (

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  • Next Generation of Analytics Engine – Interactive Management Console

    ​Analytics Engine "lotus" Release Is Here After more than 2 years of development we're extremely excited to announce the release of our next generation for Anaytics Engine.  We've codenamed this project "lotus" after the favorite car of our senior product engineer on the platform.  This release is more than an update: it is a whole new world.  With lotus we're moving to: A completely new engine core - written from the ground up, super small, super​ fast, and extremely​ powerful Completely new rule syntax - rules are now more powerful than before allowing more complex criteria and expanded reporting capabilities CDN-based script delivery​ - prior versions of Analytics Engine served the script core ...

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  • Web Analytics Planning Model for Google Analytics

    Over 6 years of working with companies to implement and use Google Analytics I've consistently seen the greatest threat to a successful implementation is a lack of robust planning.  This is the first post in what will become a series on how to build a successful strategy for adopting Google Analytics and what you need to consider when planning effective use of this great web analytics tool. My simple model starts with business goals, moves to understanding good ...

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  • Understanding the Impact of Session Calculation Changes in Google Analytics

    On August 11th 2011 Google Analytics announced a change in how a session (i.e. "Visit") is calculated.  The update was explained by as an "improvement" to how Google Analytics identifies sessions to bring GA "inline with the common definition of a visit."  Personally, I am skeptical about whether or not this is a good change, however long-term I don't think it is inherently "bad" - it just changes things, and a change in such a key component as how a session is ...

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  • Hostname to Content Analysis Custom Report

    Have you ever looked at your Google Analytics content (pages) reports and wanted to see details about the hostnames (website domains) where the pages are located? Then we've got something in common! This kind of reporting is a common request from clients and also a reporting technique I use all the time to do technical diagnostics, audits, and multi-site roll-up reporting.  So, I recently created an uber Custom Report for the New Version of Google Analytics to do just this kind of analysis and thought I'd share it ...

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  • When the numbers don’t add up: tips for reconciling different analytics tools

    When the numbers just don't add up, what can you do?  The image at right illustrates this in a perfect way.  Notice the two blue dots?  Is one bigger or smaller?  Look carefully. The answer: it's all about perspective. I recently received an email from a reader that went like this: For 8 years we've been using Urchin 6, provided by our web hosting company. Now that we've switched hosts, we started using Google Analytics, and instead of reporting 50,000 total "sessions" a month, we now see 10,000 total "visits" a month. ...

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  • When Google Analytics E-Commerce Reporting is just… broken?

    There is a longstanding thread on the Google Analytics Help Forum discussing accuracy problems with Google Analytics e-commerce tracking and reporting.  This thread has continued to grow considerably since it was started in January of 2009 and accuracy issues with Google Analytics e-commerce reporting carry on -  in fact, getting worse.  However, I've recently narrowed down what I believe is the significant cause behind most of these issues. I've worked with a number of new clients in the last several weeks to address e-commerce issues. My ...

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  • New version of Google Analytics

    Wow!  Google has just announced the launch of a NEW version of Google Analytics.  This upgrade is the biggest leap forward for the product since 2007.  Catch more details about the announcement over at the official Google Analytics blog. I'll be writing a series of posts on the new version and what it provides, what I like about it, and what I don't like over the coming days and weeks.  There's a lot to be had!  So, stay tuned - it's going ...

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