• A byte or a bite?

    I've been in Haiti for 5 full days now.  I have a ton of thoughts so far, but one big, pervasive one that won't go away is the juxtaposition of needs.  Last Saturday I was walking down a half paved (yes, half, as in one lane was paved and the other one wasn't) street straddled by a tent city where thousands of people live on less than a dollar per day day.  All around me are people carrying cellphones, and down the street drives a shiny, brand new VolksWagon SUV. The Bus Ride

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  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Google Tag Manager Planning

    In the not-so-distant past, Google got into the tag management game with the aptly named Google Tag Manager (aka GTM). What Google has done with GTM is create an easy-to-use management platform for measurement and conversion tags based on a user-friendly web-based interface (get our initial take on GTM here). Now that we’ve had the opportunity to step through a few Google Tag Manager implementations we wanted to share some thoughts on what the best path to realizing the benefits of GTM looks like. Plan Now, Celebrate Later Google Tag Manager is an incredibly easy tool to ...

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  • Of Data and People

    Lately I've been enamored with the notion that digital analytics data is a powerful and unique means to come closer to the people the data tries to describe.  I've recently defined this into a mission statement for Analytics Pros that we "narrow the distance between our clients and their customers."  At its core this concept is relies on the principle that data describes something: in the case of digital analytics for web sites and mobile apps, that "something" is usually the users of that app, i.e. people.  At the same time, I'm also concerned that it is far too easy ...

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  • Direct Advice on Direct Traffic

    Direct traffic may feel like an indicator that many people really like you, but don’t be fooled.  “Direct Traffic” is a bit of a misnomer and does not always indicate people who came directly to your site.  Knowing the true meaning of these numbers is key to understanding your analytics data. The “Direct” Misnomer Now that I’ve blown your mind saying that direct traffic may not be direct at all, what exactly does Google Analytics consider “direct”?   A session is tracked as “direct” as a catch-all category.  It’s just like your kitchen junk drawer - the place you ...

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  • BEST Practices for Google Analytics Conference

    The digital analytics field is constantly shifting, always growing and perpetually exciting. If you are looking to learn more about Google Analytics best practices, the strategies of leading companies, and the newest GA features, join us at BEST Practices for Google Analytics, a new conference series presented by Analytics Pros. Designed for those who want to be engaged, strategic and trained - BEST Practices is a place where people can come together to engage in their Google Analytics, become strategic about ...

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  • An Easier Way to Share Advanced Segments

    Advanced Segments are hands-down one of the most powerful features in Google Analytics.  But, if you use GA in a collaborative environment (i.e. you're not stuck in a cave or under a rock somewhere) and you need to share segments, you'll know that's a hard thing to do.  Even more, sharing a specific report with a specific segment applied is harder still. Well... actually, there's a trick that has made my life a lot easier, and I'm going to show it to you :) Here's a screencast showing how ...

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  • Understanding the Digital Impact of a TV Ad with GA Premium

    Oh television.  Sometimes I forget it even exists.  The number of times I've watched something on an actual TV in the last year is probably lower than the number of kids I have (4 kids, to give you perspective).  We do watch screens - but it's all iPad or iMac based viewing. So, when a digitally obsessed person like me thinks about TV ads there's a tendency to think they are irrelevant.  Not so.  And I should know better.  In reality, I have to remember ...

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  • Wrapping up the GAUGE Conference

    A Proud Moment As you'll read below, we've decided to wrap up the GAUGE conference that I founded nearly two years ago.  While it is bitter to see something that I loved doing come to a close, there's a silver lining in that it provided a unique and valuable contribution to the ecosystem around Google Analytics over ...

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  • Real-time testing Google Tag Manager rules with Google Analytics reports

    I was inspired by a discussion over on the Google Tag Manager forum to write up a method I've been using for testing Google Tag Manager rules in real-time. The method uses Google Analytics' real-time reporting feature paired with a specially formatted tracking hit fired into Google Analytics. Video: Real-Time Testing Google Tag Manager Here's a screencast of the method in practice that I put together.  Read below for the details to give it a try yourself. ...

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  • 13 Google Analytics Goals for 2013

    As we prepare for the 2013, as a follow up to our Best Practices Conference this month, Analytics Pros has put together the following 13 goals for 2013. We suggest taking some time to really pour over this list with your team and coming up with a plan for the new year. 1. Start Clean 2. Measure Value 3. Setup a Goal Framework 4. Use Goal Flows 5. Use the Full GA Data Model 6. Stop Using Sampled Data 7. Dive into Universal Analytics  8. Upload Additional Cost Data  9. Get Certified & Stay Sharp 10. Use Multi-channel Data & Attribution 11. Deploy Google Tag Manager 12. Take ...

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