• The Unsung Hero of BigData, 2015 Digital Marketing and Superbowl Predictions with BigQuery: Analytics Roundup

    Find yourself wondering what's next in the world of digital marketing? Wish you could figure out what to do with all of that un-utilized data? Biting your nails over whether you'll be able to predict the Superbowl outcome with data? Glad you asked. Here's some good reads of late in the world of analytics and digital marketing that should help.    Data Preparation Is the Unsung Hero of Big Data Analytics (Networkworld) “When it comes to analytics, there's an old axiom that goes "garbage in, garbage out," meaning that if you throw high volumes of poorly formed data into an analytic solution, you'll get bad ...

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  • How to Use Google Analytics Minute Dimension (Visualizations in R)

    Google Analytics' web interface offers a great way to manipulate our data. But if we want to take it a step further and deeper we need to look at tools like the Google Analytics Reporting API and R. In this article I will introduce the minute (time) dimension and its usability. There are many uses for it and it is important that we understand how it works and how to acquire the right data to build our analysis on. What Is a Dimension? Dimensions in Google Analytics are used to break down metrics by a certain set of parameters. For example we can break ...

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  • Social Media and Customer Service, AdWords Currency Conversion and A/B Testing: Analytics Roundup

    Geeks rejoice! Its that time once again: the end to a work week and more news and tips related to analytics are ready to be consumed. As always, we've scoured the world wide webs looking for all things pertaining to Analytics. Read up and revel in the world of technology.  Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You How to Serve Your Customers ( “Most companies today want to improve how they serve their customers. In many industries, providing a seamless shopping experience can provide strategic competitive advantage. But when it comes to optimizing your customers’ experience, your social media dashboard might be leading you ...

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  • How Wearable Tech Is Improving Healthcare

    Who would have ever thought the star actor in 80s movie comedies Teen Wolf and Back to the Future would become a champion for medical innovation? Thirty years later and Michael J Fox is head of an organization at the forefront of parkinson’s research. But just how is the Michael J Fox foundation benefitting Parkinson’s research exactly? Through supporting the development of wearable tech.   Tracking Body Movement with Wearables beyond the Gym Until recently, the athletic world tended to corner the market on wearable tech. When it comes to tracking athletic performance, products like Nike Fuel Band ...

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  • How to Connect Google Analytics with AppEngine (Python) and d3js: Another Heatmap Tutorial

    In my last post I showed how to connect Google Analytics with R. In this post we will build another heat map. This time with the Google AppEngine (Python) application and connect it to a Google Analytics account. This post will give you a starting point for developing Google Analytics applications in AppEngine. You will learn exactly how to create an AppEngine application and access Google Analytics data from it. The resources used in this post are available to the public and linked. To make it easier for you I have created a GitHub repository for this ...

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  • A Geek’s Guide, Advanced Tracking, and Tools for Marketers: Analytics Roundup

    A geek guide, content tracking, and tools, oh my! We're back at it again with our weekly roundup scouring the internets so you don't have to.  Geek Guide to Removing Referrer Spam in Google Analytics (Optimize Smart) Advanced Content Tracking with Universal Analytics (Justin Cutroni) “This Google Analytics customization collects data as users scroll down a page. It uses events to track when a post loads, when the user scrolls more than 150 pixels, when the user reaches the bottom of the content and when the user reaches the bottom of the page.” 4 Helpful Tips to ...

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  • Tracking Email Opens with Google Analytics

    Email marketing gets a bad rap. In the minds of some, it's like the 8-track or the fax machine of marketing. Why use dusty, old school methods when we've got all the shiny, new social medias? According to Copyblogger, "[email marketing has a] ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association), email practically pays for itself … and saves a tree or two. It’s what you use when you want to move from “conversation to commerce.” So don't give up on the campaign just yet. Now, how do you track it's effectiveness? Maybe you use a email ...

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  • Sports Analytics: Is the Final Score the Only Stat?  

    A Geeky data analyst and a sports fan walk into a bar. Discussion ensues. The big question on the table: will analytics be the key to harnessing a team's peak performance, or is it just jumbles of numbers? Well, it depends on who's talking.  Sports Analytics Conferences and the Movies [Read]: Sports Analytics are Here to Stay The start of the NBA’s 2014 season was a tech geek's / sport fan's dream come true. Chicago-based company Stats LLC came to an agreement with the league to place high tech cameras in every one of its ...

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  • 2015 Analytics Predictions, the Best Data Tools and Measuring What Matters: Analytics Roundup

    Well, after a nice holiday vacation, we're back to the Analytics salt mines digging up the best information so you don't have to. Read on to hear about tech expert predictions for 2015, how to ramp up a new Analytics career and tips for measuring the customer journey for marketers.  5 Steps to Transition Your Career to Analytics (Forbes) [5 lesson blog series] “These lessons are part of Aryng’s Analytics series for individuals looking to transition to a career in analytics or who are new to an analytics role.” 5 Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2015 (Courier Journal) “It is that ...

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  • How to Connect Google Analytics with R: A 7 Step Heatmap Tutorial

    In this blogpost I will show you step by step how to get your GA data into R and do some basic manipulation with that data. The final product will be a heatmap of sessions across 2 dimensions (day of week and hour of day). Step 1: Requirements To follow this tutorial you will need a Google Analytics account and R software. R is a free software programming language mostly used for statistical purposes and data mining. Step 2: Set up a new Project in Google Developers Console First, open the

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