• Google Analytics Troubleshooting: 5 Tips to Ensure You’re Not Missing User Transaction Data

    Remember the good old days when you got Google certified and convinced the boss to pull the trigger on implementing GA?  You were so convinced that within a few short months you’d whip the company site into shape, business would boom, and the CEO would be throwing a company wide parade in your honor. The data started rolling in, but things started to look fishy. The numbers on user transactions were completely off.                           So you did your research. It couldn’t just be customers disallowing cookies, bad ISP connections, or disabled javascript, could it? Fear not. ...

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  • 10 Benefits of Using Google Analytics BigQuery

    Last May Google announced that they’re giving Google Analytics Premium users ability to access raw session and hit level data. The access to that data is done through Google’s BigQuery tool which enables you to query through massive data sets to answer business questions. With the right approach, having huge volumes of unsampled data can be of incredible value and can provide you with deeper insights of user’s behavior and answer business questions that cannot be otherwise answered using the usual Google Analytics reporting interface or API. 10 Benefits of Using BigQuery Querying through massive data sets only takes seconds. Google Analytics ...

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  • Easier Cross Device Tracking, Track iOS App Install Campaigns, and the Google Analytics Guide of Epic Proportions: Analytics Roundup

    Holiday prep madness got you down? No time to keep up on all things analytics? Not to worry, we did it for you. Sit back, relax, sip some nog and check out a few of the articles we found helpful earlier this week.  How Google Analytics Can Make Cross Device Marketing Easier (CMS Wire) “Laptops with Wi-Fi access have supplanted desktops in sales popularity, while mobile devices are as essential now as a wallet or purse. Consumers can access retailer information anywhere and anytime.”   7 Reasons Why Social Media Analytics Suck (Business 2 Community) “Just a few years ago, businesses stumbled in the ...

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  • Google Analytics Tutorial: Why Your Custom Variables Aren’t Showing Up Anymore

    Ever wonder why your custom variables aren't working anymore? The easy answer is Universal Analytics happened. Now what?  Replace Custom Variable with Custom Dimensions When Google released Universal Analytics, Custom Dimensions replaced Custom Variables. Custom Dimensions are similar but are setup slightly different. The good thing is it provides more flexibility (Google also added Custom Metrics, but that is for another day). All you need to do is to replace your Custom Variables with new Custom Dimensions. First, you'll want to start by documenting all current custom variable names and scopes you're using. Next, go into your Google Analytics Account to begin configuring your ...

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  • Data with a Soul: 3 Surprising Things I Learned about Analytics from a Best Selling Empathy Researcher

    I was reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly recently and was struck by this quote: “Connection is what we are made for.” I've found that Brene Brown gets right to the heart of our purpose as humans. I love meaningful conversations with loved ones and friends. Sharing honest, personal, poignant and vulnerable stories about our struggles gives others a clearer picture of who we are, what we’ve been through, and the solutions in life we seek. In her popular Tedx talk on her clinical vulnerability research, she said “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”

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  • 4 Things You Wish Every Analytics Report Did, How to Increase Conversion, and Why Tech Helps Teams Collaborate, but Can’t Make People Nice: Analytics Roundup

    All week long we scour the interwebs for all the Analytics knowledge so you don't have to. Here are a couple articles we found helpful.   How to Increase Your Conversions Using Google Analytics Conversions Reports (Social Media Examiner) “Do you understand how visitors convert on your blog or website? Are you tracking conversion goals? Knowing how visitors convert on your website can help you improve your marketing.”   Is Your Website Leaking Cash? Check these 10 Google Analytics Reports (Digital Marketer)  "Peep and the folks over at Conversion XL know a thing or two about website conversion.  This post lays out 10 reports ...

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  • Google Analytics Free vs Premium: And 3 Reasons Why and When You Shouldn’t Push Your Luck

    Let’s say that last Christmas time, you got yourself a free version of Google Analytics (free GA, the Christmas Miracle!) Since then, you’ve been rocking that data and begun to optimize your business with all the golden information at your fingertips. Thanks to your tech wizardry, fat data is rolling in and business is booming.  Your next step? Take a breath and make the jump to the Premium Edition of Google Analytics. Phew. That’s a big commitment and will require a persuasive meeting with the boss. Remember now. Santa (Google) is watching, and he (they) know who's been naughty, and who's been ...

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  • What I Learned about Data Analytics from Online Dating

    When I was in college I joined an online dating site. This is a story about that experience, and how it helped me better understand data analytics. If someone asked me if I based my judgments on first impressions or on physical appearance I would say no, of course not. I believe character trumps beauty. And as a lover of all literature I never judge a book by its cover. Or so I thought. Welcome to my online dating ...

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  • Analytics Update: Sports Analytics, Mobile App Retention and Google Analytics Social Media ROI

    Here at Analytics Pros we're up day and night (not exactly) scouring the interwebs for all the Analytics goodness we can find. Here's some helpful stuff we've come across lately that we wanted to share.    Sports Analytics: Utah Jazz Embrace Analytics as Means for Progress "After a preseason game earlier this year, Quin Snyder praised one his players and, in doing so, offered a glimpse into how the new Utah Jazz coach thinks about the game. Forward Trevor Booker had earned plaudits for charging at an open shooter, running him off the 3-point line. "There’s a 7-percent differential when you contest shots versus open ...

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  • Optimizing Your Mobile Experience with Optimizely

    Two weeks ago, I wrote a quick teaser about the recent changes announced by Optimizely. Now anyone can create a free account and start optimizing their web and mobile apps through A/B testing.  Optimizely's mobile SDK takes a fair bit of setup to get going, but once you have it up and running, it's a bit like magic; allowing you to point and click your way to a new interface design, immediately see the changes in the app running on a real device, then publish the A/B test with a single click.  In an effort to show just how easy ...

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