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  • Urchin EOL, But Your Data Is Still Alive

    As you’ve probably heard, Google is retiring the Urchin product line in two weeks on March 28th. Urchin will continue functioning after that date, but new licenses will not be available for sale, and existing licenses won’t be  upgraded. It has served us pretty well until now, but its age is showing. Avoiding Zombie Urchin So is it the end for Urchin? It doesn’t have to be. As long as your IT organization can maintain a server that runs Urchin, running ...

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  • Urchin Retirement Party

    On January 20th Google announced it will be ceasing any new development for the Urchin Software product line and ending new purchases or upgrades after March 28th, 2012. So, what better thing to do than throw a retirement party for Urchin!  It seemed fitting to us.  In this post I've reviewed our take on what this means and what you should (or shouldn't) do about it.  Enjoy, and don't forget to have a slice of cake before leaving. What Does the Retirement of Urchin Really Mean? The team here at Analytics ...

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  • Advanced Segments with OR operators in Urchin 7

    A discussion recently came up between some Urchin Certified Partners around creating Advanced Segments that have "OR" operators and conditions. Most of us are familiar with the Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation tool that allows easy creation of "and/or" conditions. Urchin 7's new Advanced Segments tool isn't quite as "advanced" as GA and lacks that fancy UI, however I've found success in creating segments with OR conditions on the same field. Creating Single-field Advanced Segment with OR Operations Here is a quick screencast video of a simple Advanced Segment that identifies visits from the cities of Seattle OR Portland:

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  • First look screencast of Urchin 7’s new interface

    Get a first-look Video of the new Urchin 7 User Interface As we noted in our announcement about the launch of Urchin 7, the software boasts a completely new reporting interface in addition to a long list of back-end improvements.  This morning I've taken a few minutes to create a short screencast touring the new reporting interface. The screencast video is less than 5 minutes and runs through the user interface with highlights of new key features. What You'll See Get a first-look at: Roll-up ...

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  • Urchin 7 Now Available!

    Urchin 7 is Finally Here! A subtle change to the Urchin Software homepage this morning and addition of a new "features list" marks the release of Urchin 7, the next generation of Google's web analytics software product. The new version of Urchin includes a long list of enhancements including a completely new user interface, event tracking, custom advanced segments, 64bit support, roll-up dashboards, parallel profile processing, a new data export API, and much more. Get the complete details ...

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  • Canned Urchin (On a Stick)

    Over here in cloud-land, we periodically need to deploy multiple Urchin installations to a single machine. Some pieces of that puzzle are obvious, but doing it right for a production environment gets tricky. One major factor is our client's privacy, but this gets conveniently resolved by another (pre-emptive) security move: chroot jails. Jailing an Urchin installation locks it into its dedicated directory structure. No Urchin user can navigate other parts of the host server, only what the jail contains. Relocating an Urchin installation is also useful. If a client needs to ...

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  • Excluding Robots, Bots, Spiders & Crawlers from Logfile data with Urchin 6

    "60,000 out of 73,000 file fownloads were from bots" Web analytics based on web server log file data using Urchin 6 web analytics software provides some very useful points of information that Google Analytics and any other tag-based web analytics solution simply can't deliver.  However, one of the biggest challenges with logfile based analytics is pollution of the data by "bots" - search engines robots, crawlers, spiders, scapers, etc...  I've found that the data generated by non-human activity can easily account for 60% of the hits in your logfiles, and if you don't exclude it, your resulting reports built ...

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  • Urchin vs. Google Analytics Comparison of Differences

    What's the difference between Google Analytics and Urchin? Updated for Urchin 7 I'm often asked this question, and yesterday was on the phone with someone interested in our Urchin Hosted product and decided that I should write this up rather than explaining it over an over again without anything documented.  So, here's the result: a quick and simple list of the have's and have-not's of Urchin Software vs. Google Analytics.  I promise someday that I will create a beautiful table with nice colored boxes for this comparison, but until that day arrives ...

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  • Visitor Scoring for CRM Integration using Urchin Software and Urchin Hosted

    Lead Scoring: The Holy Grail of Marketing Analytics Many marketers I've talked to have a long-held desire to score leads in their CRM based on behavorial website usage data.  Yes, it is a concept wrought with privacy implications that have merit and must be considered, but presuming you've created a good privacy policy that governs how you'll use data and privdes an opt-out method, we really should all be able to sleep at night AND score leads based on website usage and behavior.  And, with Urchin + the Urchin API it's more than possible! Visitor Scoring with Urchin ...

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  • Solution for convert-u5data error “Error changing Directories. Exiting.”

    I've seen this issue come up several times lately as customers migrate their  Urchin Software from version 5 to version 6.  There is a process and set of tools provided with Urchin software to aid the migration of configuration settings and data from Urchin 5 to Urchin 6: uconf2sql and convert-u5data - both are  documented here on the  Urchin Help Wiki. However, the documentation (at the time of writing this) fails to call out a common issue that I've seen coming up for a number of Urchin users: what if you've  customized the ...

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