Note: Dimensionator is phasing out as it doesn’t work with the “new” version of Google Analytics.  IF you love Dimensionator and want to see it re-incarnated, let us know on Twitter!

For access to DMA data read our new(er) post on DMA in Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Enhancement Toolbar for any Browser, No Plugins/Extensions Required

The Analytics Toolbar(let) from Analytics Pros is a JavaScript toolkit accessed through a simple, cross-browser compatible “bookmarklet” button that loads a toolbar within the Google Analytics interface. When clicked, the bookmarklet adds an in-page “toolbar” to the existing page. Since this isn’t a true browser-specific “toolbar” we’re calling it a “toolbarlet” in the same cute, creative fashion bookmarklets have come to be named.

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Current Feature: the “Dimensionator”

For now, the toolkit is focused on “Dimensionator“, a toolbarlet exclusively for Google Analytics which lets you have complete access to standard Google Analytics dimensions plus access to other, handy, and regularly unlisted dimensions within Google Analytics. Note that the “dimensionator” is specific to Google Analytics and won’t run on other sites.

“Dimensionator” provides universal access to a few standard dimensions and a handful of unlisted dimensions that are quite useful. As we continue development we plan to add additional segments to make Dimansionator even more powerful and useful.

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Using the Analytics Toolbar(let)

Using the toolbar(let) is pretty easy. Simply go to the install page and drag the “Analytics Pros Toolkit” link to your Bookmarks/Links/Favorites bar. Make it easy to access for quick reference when using Google Analytics.

What does the future hold?

Analytics Pros will be developing more tools for the toolbarlet. Have an idea of something useful?Contact us to send it in!