Strategic Consulting

Helping you ask the right questions . . .

Strategic Consulting

A desire to drive good decisions with good data is at the core of everything we do. And good data is hard to find without a solid strategy. All too often we have been asked to find the answer to a specific question, only to find out that the real question, the important question, has nothing to do with the original request.

Strategic questions are big – bigger than pageviews, even bigger than conversions. What makes your company different? What makes your customers different? What do your customers want?

Whiteboards, post-its and coffee . . .

Our strategic consulting services help you to take those big questions and tie them to data. The process often involves whiteboards, post-its, robust discussion and a significant amount of coffee. Then, depending on our engagement, we help you fine-tune Google Analytics to start delivering data that is truly impactful.

Our strategic consulting process is wrapped into every Google Analytics Premium account automatically. We are also happy to do strategic planning sessions alone, as part of an audit package or in any other mix-and-match agreement.

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