• GoogleBot Gets Smarter: Crawling AJAX Comments

    For years, Google has not crawled a significant part of websites and blogs: the comments.  There were two reasons for this: Regarding #1, Panda updates have done a great job in removing spam sites with bad comments.  Also, most websites have now established a platform and ...

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  • Next Generation of Analytics Engine – Interactive Management Console

    ​Analytics Engine "lotus" Release Is Here After more than 2 years of development we're extremely excited to announce the release of our next generation for Anaytics Engine.  We've codenamed this project "lotus" after the favorite car of our senior product engineer on the platform.  This release is more than an update: it is a whole new world.  With lotus we're moving to: A completely new engine core - written from the ground up, super small, super​ fast, and extremely​ powerful Completely new rule syntax - rules are now more powerful than before allowing more complex criteria and expanded reporting capabilities CDN-based script delivery​ - prior versions of Analytics Engine served the script core ...

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