• The Optimal Digital Analytics Team

    I'll just say it now, I'm not much of a sports guy.  I played t-ball, baseball and basketball as a kid. Up until about 5th grade that is.  I'm tall, and so they thought I'd be good at basketball - being a foot taller than the other kids does have advantages when you're eight.  However, in my case it was more of a disadvantage because I was horribly coordinated which means I got hit with the ball a lot, dropped the ball a lot, and helped out the other team at least as much as I "helped" my team. Despite my lack ...

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  • Dan Rowe – Web Analytics Ninja & Jedi Wannabe

    He’s a Salem, Oregon-born biochemist with a background in pharmaceutical manufacturing and a love for complex systems. He’s a true blue Northwesterner, webbed feet and all. He’s the father of four – count ’em – four kids under age six. He’s a fan of Wolverine and Star Wars, respectively. His official title at Analytics Pros is Digital Analytics Specialist. This is Dan Rowe in a nutshell. The Back Story Dan graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in biochemistry. He put that to good ...

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