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  • How to Extend Google Analytics with API (Part 1)

    In this 2 part series I will introduce the range and possibilities of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager API. Taking advantage of these interfaces can have a big impact on your analytics processes (eliminate errors, speed up the process, helps with consistency) and provide additional information about what's happening in your analytics properties. Learning the API is time well spent, ...

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  • Google Tag Manager Announces New UI & API

    One of my favorite Google products, Tag Manager, is getting an awesome facelift today. This is definitely the most significant update to the product since its launch two years ago. All of the same great features you've come to know and love are still there, but the User Interface is getting a major overhaul and, at long last, we'll have programmatic access with an API! A New Look and Better Usability Avid users of Google Analytics will see some clear themes repeated in the ...

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  • How to Use Cross Device Tracking in Google Analytics

    One of the newest features to be released for Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics this year is cross device tracking. As the name suggests, this tool dares to think differently about how users engage with you brand via desktop, mobile, tablet, non-traditional devices like Xbox and Google Glass, and even offline devices like a refrigerator. There’s very little you can’t track these days. How to Implement Cross Device Tracking It all starts with the user ID. By setting your own unique, persistent, and non-personally identifiable identifier, the Universal library is able to supersede the default Google Analytics client ID to be customizable ...

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  • Live Blog from the 2014 Google Analytics Summit

    Live Updates from the Google Analytics Summit 2014 in San Francisco The Google Analytics Summit is an annual event for Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics Premium customers.  This year we'll be live-blogging from the GA summit once again.  As with past summits, we'll provide real-time updates and announcements from what's shared - at least what's available for public sharing. Stay Tuned! Opening Announcements The ...

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  • Google Tag Manager: like the Hyperloop for your Digital Marketing

    This is a recap post from the Google Analytics Summit 2013. Get the full details of the day on our Live Blog from Day 1 of the Summit and also don't miss the Official Google Analytics Blog. The Hyperloop Earlier this year Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and Tesla Motors and possibly public works genius unveiled a quite interested approach to high-speed mass transit: the Hyperloop.  Hop on ...

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  • Recap: Google Tag Manager for Mobile

    This is a recap post from the Google Analytics Summit 2013. Get the full details of the day on our Live Blog from Day 1 of the Summit and also don't miss the Official Google Analytics Blog. Hold onto your hats, folks.  Your mobile apps just got a lot more flexible! Imagine rolling out new features in “stealth mode,” enabling select users to test them and provide feedback, before they’re officially public. Then when you’re ready, you just flip a switch, and the feature’s active for all the ...

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  • Live Blog at the Google Analytics Summit 2013

      Welcome to the Analytics Pros live blog from the Google Analytics Summit 2013!  We'll be updating throughout the day as announcements are made. Quick Links:   9:00 am, Opening Keynote: Paul Muret, Google The Data-Driven Opportunity Paul’s grandparents grew up in ...

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  • Dan Rowe – Web Analytics Ninja & Jedi Wannabe

    He’s a Salem, Oregon-born biochemist with a background in pharmaceutical manufacturing and a love for complex systems. He’s a true blue Northwesterner, webbed feet and all. He’s the father of four – count ’em – four kids under age six. He’s a fan of Wolverine and Star Wars, respectively. His official title at Analytics Pros is Digital Analytics Specialist. This is Dan Rowe in a nutshell. The Back Story Dan graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in biochemistry. He put that to good ...

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  • BEST Practices Seattle 2012 Live Updates

      3:14 pm, Building a Successful Optimization Program, Brendan Regan, Analytics Pros How to be thinking of optimization and build a ...

  • Google Tag Manager Case Study with Analytics Pros and GoPro

    Google recently released a case study illustrating the advantages of a fast moving company (GoPro) using Google Tag Manager. Some of the highlights of that partnership with Analytics Pros include consolidating all of their tags into one tool and helping create custom rules and macros that effectively give GoPro's marketing team control over publishing and modifying their tracking tags. This allowed GoPro to scale their marketing efforts alongside the explosive growth in popularity their products received.

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