• New vs New Advanced Segmentation

    Those of us familiar with analytics understand the importance of segmenting our data for valuable insights. If you aren’t segmenting your data, you should be. Avinash Kaushik put it well when he said “Segment or die. It is as simple as that.” In this blog, we will look at providing a helpful way to analyze your users’ first visits to produce actionable insights. Through this segmentation, we will learn valuable information regarding user behaviors. Such as: the likelihood of a user to be loyal visitors later in their customer journey. New vs New? Google Analytics comes ...

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  • Secret Segments: Accessing Extra Dimensions in Google Analytics, part 1

    Did you know there are over 3 dozen additional "dimensions" to segment by in Google Analytics that are not listed on the standard "dimension" drop down? I'll share these "secret segments" in a series of postings over the next few weeks. Today, post 1, I'll cover extending cross-segmentation dimensions for e-commerce billing city, state, and countries, plus the affiliate dimension. Read on for the juicy details... The Background While writing a response on the new Google Analytics help forum to a question about e-commerce dimensions this ...

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