• Google Analytics Goes Big with GA Premium + BigQuery

    Today is a big day.  I bought a house and one of the most exciting things yet for Google Analytics was announced! This afternoon (May 16th) at Google I/O, Google Analytics announced plans for a direct integration between Google Analytics Premium and Google BigQuery.  This powerful integration will enable users of the Premium edition of GA to gain a deep view into huge sets of unsampled digital analytics data. I am extremely excited about this because it finally unlocks the immense volumes of marketing and behavioral data within Google Analytics for deep exploration and analysis.  I've written before about some ...

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  • Google Analytics Premium + Fusion Tables = Awesome Data

    It's Saturday afternoon, and what better to be doing than enjoying a mocha, watching by littlest kid so my wife can take a nap, and... geeking out on Google Analytics! So, here's what I've come up with - a really nifty chart visualizing the relationship between dimensions and various metrics of interest.   How I Did It The process was "fairly" simple.  I'm using a ...

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