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  • Understanding Changes to Average Time on Site After a Redesign Launches

    I often post to the official Google Analytics User Forum - this post is an expanded response to a question I answered on the forum. Question Posed: "I've recently launched a big redesign on an ecommerce site. After that, the Avgerage Time on Site increased by around 1.5 minutes, and the Pages/Visit dropped by half. Now I could explain the Pages/Visit to making the site's structure easier and faster, now the customer finds the product he wants with less clicks. But then why is the Average Time on Site increased? The combination of these two statistics is what makes me think that ...

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  • Understanding the Impact of Session Calculation Changes in Google Analytics

    On August 11th 2011 Google Analytics announced a change in how a session (i.e. "Visit") is calculated.  The update was explained by as an "improvement" to how Google Analytics identifies sessions to bring GA "inline with the common definition of a visit."  Personally, I am skeptical about whether or not this is a good change, however long-term I don't think it is inherently "bad" - it just changes things, and a change in such a key component as how a session is ...

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