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  • Google Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol Debugger

    Measurement Protocol is a low level protocol for Google Universal Analytics that allows developers to track user interactions using HTTP requests. At Analytics Pros, we have demonstrated the possibilities of using it in new environments by tracking the game of bocce ball and implementing Google Analytics into movement sensors to track the activities in our office. One of the keys of making sure that your implementation is correct is confirming that all the hits being sent are syntactically valid. This is now possible with the Measurement Protocol Debugger. Sending Hits and Using the Debugger Sending a hit is pretty straight-forward. We need to create an ...

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  • Live Blog from the 2014 Google Analytics Summit

    Live Updates from the Google Analytics Summit 2014 in San Francisco The Google Analytics Summit is an annual event for Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics Premium customers.  This year we'll be live-blogging from the GA summit once again.  As with past summits, we'll provide real-time updates and announcements from what's shared - at least what's available for public sharing. Stay Tuned! Opening Announcements The ...

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  • Measuring Movement With Universal Analytics

    Universal Analytics is the new way to send Google Analytics. The beauty of Universal is that it can track user interactions from anywhere, including online and offline! As an analytics firm, we completely geek out when it comes to tracking new user interactions. One long standing question we had was: How much activity is there in our Seattle office during the day? This presented the challenge of accurately quantifying how many movement happened in our lobby on any given day. We wanted answers to several questions: When is foot traffic the highest? Was there foot traffic on the weekends? Why was foot ...

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  • Brandon Nicholas Nutter

    Brandon Nutter is one of those entrepreneurial types with giddy-up to spare. These days, he’s a software engineer around AP headquarters, but his professional rap sheet has a few impressive bullet points – including a successful little start-up of his very own. The Back Story After ditching his hometown of Los Angeles for university life in Idaho, Brandon got his foot in the software engineering door with an internship at

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  • Analytics Everywhere | The Really Big Picture

    Universal Analytics streamlines our way to a new horizon: measurement everywhere - where and when you engage your customer, when they engage your digital presence, brick-and-mortar presence, personnel and in every interaction thereafter. Literally, let's measure the entire customer lifecycle. With measurement comes optimization: you can optimize for customer retention, but only if you measure it. You can identify predictors of changing customer relationships, and proactively tune the relationship; you might even automate it. With measurement comes the ability to better serve your customer, followed by success and profit, if analyzed and optimized carefully. True e-commerce data Tracking transactions can happen offline now; you don't have ...

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  • Analytics Everywhere: an Open-Source Google Analytics Python Library

    You may have heard about the wonderful things we (and Google) anticipate with Universal Analytics. You may have heard that people are testing it on their websites already, or relying on it exclusively. You may be doing so already. Today, however,  you're one step closer to tracking your customer engagement in completely new and more comprehensive ways. Extend your Business' Engagement Horizon The possibilities and benefits for Universal Analytics are vast.  A few of the applications for organizations fully adopting the potential uses of Universal Analytics include: Integration with call-center systems, enabling reporting of customer ...

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  • How Universal Analytics will Change Your Life

    Google's new Universal Analytics approach is going to change your life. In fact, it's going to change everyone's life. Our worlds become more and more measurement-enabled and data is continuing to pour through every facet of our beings.  This has significant implications on how we live our lives and how we analyze every action ... and this means that we'll need to do analysis on every unique activity. Enter Universal Analytics, which begins to tie all of our unique information together into one seamless thread of insight.

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  • Google Universal Analytics

      Google announced today at the Google Analytics Summit a new approach to analytics - known as Universal Analytics - that will allow tracking across multiple devices and platforms including computers, mobile devices, point of service, game systems, and kiosks. This approach will also start using a single user tracking ID and provide offline tracking capabilities. The goal being to provide users with information across platforms and refocus digital analytics around the user. With ...

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