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  • Google Analytics Free vs Premium: And 3 Reasons Why and When You Shouldn’t Push Your Luck

    Let’s say that last Christmas time, you got yourself a free version of Google Analytics (free GA, the Christmas Miracle!) Since then, you’ve been rocking that data and begun to optimize your business with all the golden information at your fingertips. Thanks to your tech wizardry, fat data is rolling in and business is booming.  Your next step? Take a breath and make the jump to the Premium Edition of Google Analytics. Phew. That’s a big commitment and will require a persuasive meeting with the boss. Remember now. Santa (Google) is watching, and he (they) know who's been naughty, and who's been ...

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  • The 12 Days of Data: An Unsampled GA Data Set

    Glad tidings of comfort and joy?  Yeah, I’ve got those.  Because on the First Day of Data my true love gave to me . . . an unsampled GA data set. In a gesture of clarity, plentitude and geekiness, I have been given a small button called Download Unsampled Report – and in an instant, my world has become clear.  In case you have never wrestled with the sadness that is sampled data, allow me to explain.  Google Analytics is fast – amazingly fast, considering the amount of data that they are churning.  However, ...

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  • Google Analytics Goes Big with GA Premium + BigQuery

    Today is a big day.  I bought a house and one of the most exciting things yet for Google Analytics was announced! This afternoon (May 16th) at Google I/O, Google Analytics announced plans for a direct integration between Google Analytics Premium and Google BigQuery.  This powerful integration will enable users of the Premium edition of GA to gain a deep view into huge sets of unsampled digital analytics data. I am extremely excited about this because it finally unlocks the immense volumes of marketing and behavioral data within Google Analytics for deep exploration and analysis.  I've written before about some ...

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