• Urchin EOL, But Your Data Is Still Alive

    As you’ve probably heard, Google is retiring the Urchin product line in two weeks on March 28th. Urchin will continue functioning after that date, but new licenses will not be available for sale, and existing licenses won’t be  upgraded. It has served us pretty well until now, but its age is showing. Avoiding Zombie Urchin So is it the end for Urchin? It doesn’t have to be. As long as your IT organization can maintain a server that runs Urchin, running ...

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  • When the numbers don’t add up: tips for reconciling different analytics tools

    When the numbers just don't add up, what can you do?  The image at right illustrates this in a perfect way.  Notice the two blue dots?  Is one bigger or smaller?  Look carefully. The answer: it's all about perspective. I recently received an email from a reader that went like this: For 8 years we've been using Urchin 6, provided by our web hosting company. Now that we've switched hosts, we started using Google Analytics, and instead of reporting 50,000 total "sessions" a month, we now see 10,000 total "visits" a month. ...

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