On January 20th, 2012 Google announced it will be ceasing any new development for the Urchin Software product line and ending new purchases or upgrades after March 28th, 2012.  Read more about Urchin’s retirement and your options as a current Urchin user or someone interested in installable web analytics software at our blog: Urchin’s Retirement Party.

Powerful Web Analytics Software, Fully Configurable, Scalable, and Affordable

Urchin 7 new interfaceUrchin Software from Google is a robust, installable web analytics software platform. It contains a powerful log processing engine capable of creating advanced web analytics reports based on any web server logfile, other types of logs, or the JavaScript clickstream data generated by the UTM (urchin.js or ga.js) tracking technology proprietary to Urchin and Google Analytics.

Demo & Try Urchin 7 Software

We provide installable and instant online demonstrations of Urchin web analytics software.  Simply contact us and we’ll get you setup and going today!

Optionally, take Urchin for a spin with no IT involvement using our Urchin Hosted service. Contact Us and we’ll get you setup.

Features of Urchin Web Analytics Software

A full list of features can be viewed on the official Urchin Software from Google website. A summary of features includes:

  • completely new interface – new reports organization and new report tables and graphs that look like Google Analytics (screenshot)
  • Report permalinks: easily create and share a link to any report in Urchin (screenshot)
  • Advanced Segments – yep, just like in Google Analytics you can now create custom Advanced Segments to slice and dice your Urchin data (screenshot)
  • Event Tracking
  • Report tabs (screenshot)
  • New “segmentation” menu and options (screenshot)
  • Native 64-bit hardware support
  • Much faster processing speeds for data
  • Multiple schedulers – process multiple profiles at once
  • Improved memory support
  • And more – the tech details get thick, so we’ll spare you…

More About Urchin Software

The latest version of Urchin is version 7, released August 31st, 2010. More details about Urchin can be found on the official Urchin website at www.google.com/urchin.