Getting Started with Google Optimize


After months of anticipation, Google has finally graced the analytics world by releasing a free version of Google Optimize, their new A/B testing platform. Google Optimize is just starting to rollout to early users who signed up for early access. If you have not signed up yet, it is not too late! For those of you who

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Improved ROI with DFP & GA360


Being in an analytics consultancy with lots of publishing clients of all sizes, we joined the crowds of excited analytics people when the GA-DFP integration for Analytics 360 came out last year. This amazing addition came in the form of Publisher Reports, and DFP Audiences, and has proven to be a powerful enhancement to Analytics

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Streaming Prebid to Google BigQuery


This post details a solution to getting Prebid.js data in a Real Time dashboard, so that publishers can make quick, solid decisions on the advertisers bidding for their ad spots. The metrics acquired will allow you to understand the following metrics: avg. cpm per bidder avg. cpm per ad slot avg. cpm per page/hostname Number of bids vs. Number

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Applying the Scientific Method to Analytics


All of us remember something about the “Scientific Method” from class in Middle School—ask a question, construct a hypothesis, test, etc. I’ve probably used the term incorrectly on many occasions, but as Oxford Dictionaries Online defines it, it’s “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation,

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