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Caleb is the Founder, Principal Consultant and Chairman of Analytics Pros


More Dimensions (Site Search, Source/Medium) + Fixes in Dimensionator

I’m excited to announce some updates and additions for the Dimensionator feature of our Analytics Toolbar(let) application. Today we’ve released an update that adds several additional dimensions to the Dimensionator menu, a couople of bug fixes, and some back-end enhancements that should improve load times. Get the bookmarklet to access the Analytics Pros Toolbar and

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Urchin vs. Google Analytics Comparison of Differences

Editor’s note: Google ceased new development for the Urchin Software product line and ended purchases or upgrades on March 28th, 2012. Read more about Urchin’s retirement here. What’s the difference between Google Analytics and Urchin? Updated for Urchin 7 I’m often asked this question, and yesterday was on the phone with someone interested in our Urchin Hosted product and decided that

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