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Installing Google Tag Manager in your CMS – HubSpot, Squarespace, and others

    In recent years some fantastic content management and publishing platforms, both commercial and free, have come to market. I’m using one right now to publish this post: WordPress. Hopefully you use one for your site as well. (Side note: If you don’t use one, talk to your tech folks – you really should be.

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Analytics Everywhere | The Universal Measurement Protocol C Library

Well, we’re at it again… releasing another Universal Analytics library, this time in C. [And if you’re wondering why, check this out.] So let’s see, what interesting things are built in C (or compatible derivatives)… Embedded devices Lots of appliances, including TVs Communications platforms, including phones Point-of-sale devices Hand-held record-keeping devices, such as those carried

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Analytics Everywhere | The Really Big Picture

Universal Analytics streamlines our way to a new horizon: measurement everywhere – where and when you engage your customer, when they engage your digital presence, brick-and-mortar presence, personnel and in every interaction thereafter. Literally, let’s measure the entire customer lifecycle. With measurement comes optimization: you can optimize for customer retention, but only if you measure

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Google Analytics Debugging

Let's face it: Google Analytics' documentation contains a lot of examples that work very well for simple use-cases, but advanced configurations require planning and attention to detail, and copying-and-pasting sometimes introduces problems that can affect data accuracy. Historically, the biggest problems we find stem from configuring multiple trackers – often because some third-party script (for

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