Analytics Everywhere: Universal Analytics Library for PHP

A couple weeks ago we released our Universal Analytics library for Python, and today we’ve released a PHP port of the same library.

This opens a huge range of tracking options on some of the most popular (and even the least popular) content and publishing frameworks in the world. (If you didn’t know already, PHP remains immensely popular.) If you have a web presence, there’s a really good chance you’re already using PHP.

So what might you want to measure?

  • Your whole website and CMS, without javascript.
  • Your intranet and internal web services, without javascript.
  • Your data service platforms – the ones that provide data APIs for internal operations, and/or to your clients.
  • Pretty much everything on the web (since that’s really PHP’s strong point), but without javascript.
  • Back-end task processing, subscription billing services – measure your side of customer lifecycle.
  • Publishing, content delivery and emailing systems, offline remarketing and analysis systems.

We’re excited to start tying it into our own platforms too. Hopefully we’ll be able to release some demo code of our own integrations as we go, and we’d love to hear how you apply it too.

Get the Code

Environment Repository


Note that this is still in beta; there are some niche features we’re still working on, but for the majority of use-cases it should be quite functional. We welcome your feedback on any issues or features you’re interested in.

This is just the second library we’ve released for the Measurement Protocol, and more will be coming. Please feel free to let us know if there are any particular platforms you’re interested in.


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