Best Unknown Google Analytics Updates for 2012

We all know about the highly publicized attribution modelling tool, remarketing, viz flow and social media tracking but what about some of the more soft-spoken updates to Google Analytics that have taken place the last 10 months. Well, at GAUGE Boston Justin Cutroni highlighted some of the lesser-known (but awesome) Google Analytics updates. We’re taking a few minutes here to highlight the best unknown Google Analytics updates for 2012.

Google Analytics Report Automation (Magic)

Using a simple script, provided by Justin and the Google Team you can easily get data from Google Analytics into Google Spreadsheets where you can start doing some custom reporting on your own.


This shortcut feature allows you to quickly add that eclectic report you just generated and need to keep reference of within your left hand navigation. Pretty nice for that one report your stakeholders seem to ask you about every other day.

Google Analytics Android Mobile App

Google released their very own mobile app so you can get Google Analytics data on the go. See the Google Analytics App on Google Play

Improvements to Sharing (Advanced Segments)

Sharing your data has been getting easier and easier this year. Of specific note is the ability to share advanced segments. If you haven’t done so already, start sharing – but keep in mind what you share is static. Stay tuned as the feature set from Google has really ramped up this year and from we can tell its not slowing down.

Happy Analyzing!

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