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China Blocks Google Analytics – Are You Affected?

Posted by Caleb Whitmore on November 10, 2012

On Friday, November 9th reports began to surface that the Chinese Government had blocked Google services, including, purportedly, Google Analytics.

What’s the Impact of This on Google Analytics?

If the Google Analytics block remains, this has a couple fairly significant impact on users of the service.

Impact #1: Your Traffic Reports

If you have customers in China, and you use Google Analytics to measure your website or mobile apps that are visited by those customers, you won’t see their activities reported in GA anymore.  Depending on how much of your traffic is from China you may not notice much of a drop, or it could be significant.  Here’s a screenshot of a report showing traffic attributed to China dropping about 50% on the 9th of November:

This screenshot shows traffic from China reported in Google Analytics dropping sharply on November 9th of 2012.

Impact #2: Access To Your Reports

Not measuring your users in China is one thing, but what if your company has offices in China where people need to access your Google Analytics reports from?  Or, what if your staff travels to China on business and they can’t access GA reports?

This, to me, seems like the potentially larger issue.

With globalized business and cloud-based systems, having access to a core business system blocked by something as large as the world’s most populated country with a fast-growing business services sector presents a whole new challenge for “cloud” based services and applications.

What Can You Do?

Getting China to unblock Google?  We probably can’t influence that.  If you need a service that works in China, there’s always Baidu Analytics…!

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  • Jeremy

    This is killing me… why the hell would google analytics have anything to do with politics :/ on the contrary I thought doing business was what the chinese governement expected foreigner to do in China. How can we do it properly when they cut us from the tool we need :(

  • Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

    I see a bump of about 50% of the traffic from Chine on November the 9th just like you as well. But after that it seems to recover. I’d like to hear a follow up on this post to see if this decrease was maintained on your sites.

    From my end it seems that they might have blocked it for just a single day and then it was back to normal starting on November the 10th.

  • WPBeijing

    Just to update. Like everyone here has mentioned, Analytics was down and out for a few days during the first week of November.
    My figures of China visitors remained pretty much unchanged, based on history!
    It has returned, or has it?
    Sometimes I can get in, some times not, mostly it takes for ever to load and I have to reload 3 or 4 times. At best it is patchy.
    Anyone else?