Google Analytics Training at Toronto eMetrics, April 6th - 7th 2010

On April 6th and 7th I’ll be leading a Google Analytics training workshop at the 2010 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Toronto.  I’m excited about this training series because it is a two-day event rather than the typical one-day Google Analytics training days I’ve done in conjunction with other eMetrics events.  Two days affords time to get more in-depth  on both beginning/intermediate as well intermediate/advanced topics.  Bonus for you: use the code “CALEB15” when registering for eMetrics Toronto and get a 15% discount!

Day 1 will focus on introductory and basic analysis topics including:

  • planning your Google Analytics implementation
  • reviewing available features and how to best use them
  • understanding how to get the most out of the reporting user interface
  • measuring email marketing, non-Google sponsored search, display ads, and offline marketing
  • analyzing and understanding how your content is viewed
  • and an overview of Google’s Website Optimizer product

Day 2 will delve into technical topics and advanced features, including:

  • using Google Analytics in an enterprise environment
  • complete technical review: what “moving parts” of Google Analytics are and how they work (JavaScript, tags, cookies, tracking hits, data processing, filtering, etc…)
  • overcoming implementation challenges: multiple domains, sub-domains, cross-domain tracking, integrating with 3rd party sites
  • creating roll-up report profiles
  • setting up your own data warehouse and using Urchin with Google Analytics
  • Using Advanced Segments
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Technical tips, tricks and hacks

You can view the full agenda and register here.  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the workshop – just post below in the comments or contact me directly.

I hope to see you in Toronto!

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