Google Universal Analytics

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Google announced today at the Google Analytics Summit a new approach to analytics – known as Universal Analytics – that will allow tracking across multiple devices and platforms including computers, mobile devices, point of service, game systems, and kiosks. This approach will also start using a single user tracking ID and provide offline tracking capabilities. The goal being to provide users with information across platforms and refocus digital analytics around the user.

With the updated platform centered around the user, the previous four _utm cookies will now be consolidated into one single _ga cookie that will allow a user to be tracked across their device. That combined with new offline conversion tracking capabilities that can import goals and other data via your current offline tools will finally allow marketers to close the gap between offline and online conversions.

Paul Muret of Google introducing “Universal Analytics” – a brave new world for Google Analytics!


For example, a user using a mobile device to browse a product who then purchases that product later on the site will start showing up as one unique visitor and customers who browse online but then come into the store to convert can now be tracked calculated along online conversions. There will even be the ability to upload customer demographics into GA that provide dimension widening capabilities.

In a nutshell, it’s been a bit year for Google Analytics and it’s going to be an even bigger year for Universal Analytics. Stay tuned as we provide more information as it unfolds.

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