That time of year again - Google Analytics Summit!

This Summit has ended, but you can follow all past and present posts about Google Analytics Summits on our GA Summit specific page.

opening ga summit photo

It’s autumn again, and that means it’s time for the Google Analytics Summit.  For me and the team here at Analytics Pros, this means it is time for what has become an annual pilgrimage to Google HQ in Mountain View.  I’ve been coming here since 2005, when Google launched Google Analytics and the Google Analytics Certified Partner Program.  Back then, the first summit had only a handful of folks there.  This year, 8+ summits later , there are hundreds of attendees from all over the world spanning Google Analytics partners and Premium customers, and a contingent of Googlers too.

Last year, Google took the unprecedented steps of (1) making announcements for future product features and, (2) doing so publicly.  Google never announces things in advance, and doesn’t announce things publicly – so this was a big change.

This year, I expect we’ll see the same.  The Keynote will start soon this morning and we’ll be here all day, live blogging what we can share.  So, stay tuned and be among the first to hear what new with Google Analytics in 2013!

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