User ID and Cross Device Tracking with Google Universal Analytics

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In this video, Analytics Pros’ Charles Farina does a walk-through on User ID measurement and cross device tracking with Universal Analytics. Learn the fundamentals of cross device and User ID measurement from Charles, who has implemented Google Analytics in Apple Watch, Xbox, Roku, LG Smart TV, Windows Apps, iOS, Android and more. He covers how to

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Search Engine Optimization and Structured Data

Here are four things digital marketing departments should know about SEO and structured data. But before you start reading, let’s ask this question: Who should read this post? The answer is digital marketers, analysts, content strategists and web developers who want to improve the effectiveness of their company’s online marketing. If you are a technically

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Striking SEO Gold, Custom Segments and Data Marketing Buzzwords: Analytics Roundup

With great data comes great responsibility. Analyze wisely. Happy Friday and happy data!  How To Replace Google’s (Not Provided) Data to Strike SEO Gold (Search Engine Land) Google Analytics may not be providing keyword referral data anymore, but Chris Liversidge has developed a process for matching keyword queries from Google Webmaster Tools to their probable

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Check Out the New Look of Analytics Pros!

In case you hadn’t noticed, some things have improved here at Analytics Pros. Namely, our new website. TA-DA! Here it is! There’s been some furious technological magic happening behind the scenes here. And all for the betterment of your Google Analytics content consumption experience. We’re all about Modern Marketing & Advanced Analytics. We’d like to tip our hats to

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