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Data with a Soul: 3 Surprising Things I Learned about Analytics from a Best Selling Empathy Researcher

I was reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly recently and was struck by this quote: “Connection is what we are made for.” I’ve found that Brene Brown gets right to the heart of our purpose as humans. I love meaningful conversations with loved ones and friends. Sharing honest, personal, poignant and vulnerable stories about our struggles

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4 Things You Wish Every Analytics Report Did, How to Increase Conversion, and Why Tech Helps Teams Collaborate, but Can’t Make People Nice: Analytics Roundup

All week long we scour the interwebs for all the Analytics knowledge so you don’t have to. Here are a couple articles we found helpful.   How to Increase Your Conversions Using Google Analytics Conversions Reports (Social Media Examiner) “Do you understand how visitors convert on your blog or website? Are you tracking conversion goals? Knowing

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Analytics Update: Sports Analytics, Mobile App Retention and Google Analytics Social Media ROI

Here at Analytics Pros we’re up day and night (not exactly) scouring the interwebs for all the Analytics goodness we can find. Here’s some helpful stuff we’ve come across lately that we wanted to share.    Sports Analytics: Utah Jazz Embrace Analytics as Means for Progress “After a preseason game earlier this year, Quin Snyder praised

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Hey Analytics Geeks and Marketers: are You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

From sea to shining sea, Black Friday through Cyber Monday are when holiday shoppers look for deals and drop those bills. That means you’ve got to get those campaigns dialed. It’s time to collect that valuable data, and you need to get your paid per click campaigns in order. Are you ready? Here are some

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Mobile User Experience Best Practices a Top Priority for Google

Google is stepping up its push for best practices in mobile user experience. This has implications for Search Engine Optimization and Analytics. Here are two recent developments: Google now puts a “Mobile-friendly” label on mobile search results when sites are formatted for mobile device. Could Google start adding a “Mobile-not-so-much” label to results for sites

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