Google Tag Manager Case Study with Analytics Pros and GoPro

Google recently released a case study illustrating the advantages of a fast moving company (GoPro) using Google Tag Manager. Some of the highlights of that partnership with Analytics Pros include consolidating all of their tags into one tool and helping create custom rules and macros that effectively give GoPro’s marketing team control over publishing and modifying their tracking tags. This allowed GoPro to scale their marketing efforts alongside the explosive growth in popularity their products received.

With popular products, lots of popular video content, it has been invaluable to track many tags across multiple web platforms. For your viewing pleasure, a cool GoPro action video (one of our favorites)!

But cool videos simply aren’t enough for an effective marketing campaign if you don’t know how your marketing efforts are increasing your business goals. We understand that keeping up with all the tags can be an impossible task, but with Google Tag manager implemented properly, you can keep up. Learn more about Google Tag Manager!

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